How to clean leather boots perfectly without damage it

Clean and shiny shoes are the perfect presentation cards in any type of event. We do not want dirty or bad looking boots to ruin your image. Here, we show you how to clean leather boots in a very simple and fast way.

It is important for removing dirt from the boot. It does not scratch. To avoid this, use a soft bristle brush or a damp cloth to remove all the dirt from your boots or leather shoes. Continue reading: How to clean lace clothes properly?

How to clean leather boots?

If you have needed to moisten the boots to clean them, let them dry naturally before continuing to clean them. Once you have clean and dry boots, it is advisable to moisturize the skin to keep them soft and prevent them from cracking. For this, it is advisable to use a colorless and neutral cream free of chemicals and dyes that can damage your shoes.

How to clean leather boots

With the help of a sponge or cloth, apply a light layer of cream on the boots and let the skin of the shoes absorb it. Repeat this process throughout the boot.

To finish, rub your shoes with a cotton cloth or a polishing brush so that the boots recover their original shine. To keep your leather shoes in perfect condition, repeat this process every 15 days or so.

Let’s see how to clean the leather boots: The leather boots are ideal for the coldest days of the year. They are practical and can be worn with style.

Steps to cleaning leather boots

To clean leather boots, you must take special care as this is a hard and delicate material and poor care can generate discoloration and degradation.

The leather boots have more wear than a leather jacket, since the boots are in constant contact with the ground and this makes them deteriorate much more.

How to clean leather boots

1 – The first thing we have to determine is whether the leather of the boots is treated or untreated since the leather used to make the boots is cowhide, which is porous and this makes it susceptible to water spots. If the skin is untreated a good idea is to apply an oil product or a wax with a shoe brush or a cotton cloth.

2 – Before applying the protective product on the boots, they should be cleaned well of dust and dirt, the product is applied with a cloth moistened with a little water and rubbed gently.

Special care must be taken when rubbing around zippers and seams, as they are the most delicate places. Then they are left to dry.

3 – Apply a uniform amount of oil or wax on the boots, with the help of a cloth or a brush, especially on the seams and make sure that the skin completely absorbs the product. Then, with the help of another cloth, wipe off the excess product that may remain on the skin. Avoid the use of these boots in the next 24 hours. It has the product needs time to penetrate the skin.

4 – To get rid of the spots on the patent leather, and to make it shiny, a very effective trick is to apply vegetable oil with the help of a dry cloth.

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