How to Wash Pillowcases With Your Hand and Soap

Washing the pillowcases can sometimes be quite difficult. Everything depends on the type of stains and the fabric with which the pillowcase is made. The pillowcases can be of the most disparate fabrics, ranging from cotton to silk, passing through the satin. Each type of fabric has different characteristics and therefore requires a different treatment when it is washed. Let’s see how to wash pillowcases of pillows.

Usually, the pillowcases are made of cotton. In fact, cotton is the easiest material to wash. However, if we happen to wash pillowcases in silk or other fabrics, then we will have to do a lot pay attention to the type of detergents we will use to remove any stains. When putting the pillowcases in the washing machine, it is always a good idea to close the buttons if the pillowcases are provided to prevent them from being damaged during the washing phases. Furthermore, to lessen the colors during washing, it is advisable to turn the fabrics upside down so that the colored part is towards the inside. Keep reading about Puredown Pillows.

How to wash pillowcases?

You will need soap, hand wash, stain remover.

how to wash pillowcases

If we have to wash cotton pillowcases, we will not have too many worries. Cotton does not require special care, and if it is white pillowcases, we could use a bit of bleach to remove stains more effectively. But we must pay attention to the washing temperatures. Usually, cotton is recommended for washing at sixty degrees. If the pillowcases are colored but we can reduce the temperature to forty to ruin the colors less wash after wash.

If we have to wash wool pillowcases, the recommended washing is always by hand. First, let’s soak the pillowcases in warm water with handwashing soap. After they have been soaking for some time, we can wash them always using a hand wash soap. Do not rub too much to prevent the wool from felting. If desired, you can also use the washing machine if it has a specific program for wool. If the fabrics are colored, use a color catcher sheet.

If we have silk pillowcases, we have to be very careful when washing. Silk should be washed by hand. Use warm water and mild soap. Leave the pillowcase to soak and after a while, rub the pillowcase gently. Squeeze the pillowcase without excessive energy and let it dry.

If possible, wash by hand.

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