What bath clothes suit you according to your body type?

When choosing bath clothes, many women are guided by the colors and adornments. We forget to give priority to the most important thing: the cut of the bathing clothes and above all to know what our body type is.

If we know what our body type is, the search for a bathing suit will be effortless and we will not walk on the beach covering up with the strong because it did not fit. So girls, in this post I’m going to tell you what kind of body they have and, according to that, what bath clothes they need. Also, I will show you options of swimwear which are inspired by the type of body of the woman. Continue reading: This summer you are going to need these.

Choose your bath clothes

Narrow waist and hips and bust at the same height

bath clothes

It maintains the harmony of the curves. What is good for you? By balancing your curves, you can use almost everything. The recommendable thing is a Brazilian or triangular style bikini that shows the harmony of your figure.

As they are? Women with triangular bodies or called experts are those with wide hips and narrower shoulders. Or, failing that, pronounced buttocks and small bust.

The width of the hips with the width of the bust or shoulders

bath clothes


What is good for you? To reduce the visual impact in the lower part and increase the upper one we can use bikinis where the darkest colors are on the bottom and the lightest ones on the top or use bobos, ruffles and details to increase the width of the shoulders and use plain fabrics without prints on the hips.

As they are? This type of body is characterized by having the shoulders a little wider than the hips. You can have a waist, but by not having pronounced hips or having shoulders or wide chest this will not be very marked.

Increase hips, reduce shoulders and mark waist

bath clothes

What is good for you? The idea is to wear bikinis whose pants have pitas on the sides and tie them with pronounced loops. Another great trick for girls with small hips are the pants with little boobies on the sides. Then, you always have to take into account playing with colors, striking and intense below, in this case, and dark, above.

As they are? Are the bodies that are characterized by not having many curves? i.e., the height of the shoulders, waist, and hips are almost at the same level. Very sporty girls have this type of body.

Mark curves

bath clothes

What is good for you? If we want to create an optical illusion of curves in a straight body. The ideal bathing clothes are on the one hand the trikinis that have a cloth joint just in the part of the waist (as shown in the photos). Bottoms with lateral details on the hip, such as laces, ties, rhinestones or prints. Low-waist cuts to lengthen the torso. Halter tops, with prints or details on the chest to create volume and frame the shoulders.

As they are? They are the bodies super curvy and size. Where there is marked waist, prominent hips and shoulders, but as they are plus size, we must mold them so that the waist is more pronounced.

Show skin strategically and enhance the incredible attributes

bath clothes

What is good for you? Super high-waist bottoms with low leg cuts. Pleated and draped to disguise with block color and side panels that thin the figure. On the other hand, top parts with rods and a lot of support, halter or thick straps and strapless cuts but with the internal backing to lift the bust. Dark colors.

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