How to save for a wedding

The most beautiful day of your life can also be the most expensive day of your life. Thinking about getting married is not something that can be taken lightly, first because it is a lifelong decision and, second because it is a big expense that will affect your finances whether you want it or not. That is why it is necessary to work on the idea with planning and time, so that you can save and reduce expenses as much as possible. we will give you some tools on how to save for a wedding that will allow you to enjoy your day just as you dreamed of and, most importantly, without leaving your pocket so affected.

Choose the day

The most far-sighted take up to a year to plan their wedding, so let’s start by advising you to set a date for the event at least 4 months in advance and, from there, find the best budget for your event. The more time you have to plan it, the more chances of finding good prices you will have.

A wedding planner

There are professionals dedicated especially to planning weddings. These people not only have a large database of clients in catering, decoration, and rental of places such as farmhouses, ballrooms, or special locations, but they have also worked with them and know the best options that can be adapted to your needs. budget. They always work around your budget and particular tastes, so they are good allies when saving for a wedding.

Start saving on a day-to-day basis

If you want an unforgettable wedding you will have to make an effort that is also unforgettable. It is important to take daily saving measures, especially in those expenses such as: eating on the street, going to the movies, buying clothes, etc., which can generate significant savings for the wedding. Everything that can go into the piggy bank should go there in order to cover the expenses of the wedding.

The web trend

With the use of technology, many wedding couples have chosen to create web pages where the invited people can have all the information about the event and, in addition, they have the option of contributing money for their gifts through PayPal. That’s right, times have changed and couples already choose their own wedding gifts such as trips, special dinners, dresses for the bride, hotel stays, etc., and thus the guests can contribute money.

Food and drink

Food and drink are an important part of a wedding budget. That is why it is important to choose a 3-course meal: starter, main and a dessert tasting table or a special cake. Deciding to choose seasonal foods not only provides fresh products but also a lower cost in the final budget. Alcoholic beverages are a big expense; select the most popular such as cava, wine, whiskey, or rum.

The choice of dress

Every bride wants a spectacular dress on her wedding day, but an important piece of advice is to stop to think that this day is unique and you will never wear the dress again. If you don’t want to rent, you can opt for cheap and very elegant alternatives, because if you search ahead of time you can always find something that suits your tastes and pocket. Many of the wedding dresses end up in poor condition after the party, especially if the party takes place in open spaces and the dress is very long. Is it worth investing thousands of euros just for a few hours ?


A musical band is always a wonderful idea; However, if you want to cut costs, we encourage you to hire a band that can play all kinds of music or a good DJ to keep the party going all night. You will see how the music budget decreases significantly.


There is never a lack of someone in the family who likes to help with something for the event. Take advantage of the manual skills of the people close to you to do some things like invitations, centerpieces, flower bouquets, etc. It will be a beautiful experience that will provide you with significant savings.


Consulting with other couples who have recently married will be essential to have good information and advice.

The guest list should be special and not too long. The idea is that your wedding is mostly family and close friends. It is not necessary to invite co-workers, neighbors, and other people, they know that weddings have a cost and they will understand the situation.

Multi-day weddings are a big expense. Instead, you can plan a trip with your close relatives and a small ceremony in another country, city, or special destination that allows you to share only with those closest to you.

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