How to Wash Pillow Safely? Different Types of Pillow Washing Tips

Today, technology has made several types of pillows available to us. No doubt they have facilitated the rest. We teach you how to wash pillow safely. But when these pillows pick up odors, they either get stained. They have not been cleaned for a long time. It is time to wash them, something that technology has complicated.

The washing of the pillows has become increasingly complicated since we cannot wash them all in the same way. There are several types of pillows. We can spoil the qualities of our pillow and deteriorate it. But do not worry, because in this article we will explain how to wash the different types of pillows.

How to wash pillow safely?

In any case, the best option is to use pillowcases, since in this way we will only have to wash the cover without cleaning the pillow.

How to wash a viscoelastic pillow?

First of all, we must bear in mind that you can NOT wash the viscoelastic pillows in the washing machine (either aloe vera or some other treatment).

Nor can they be soaked entirely because they would lose all the qualities they had when buying them. Besides, they will not dry properly, and they will end up originating in them mold and dirt, thus favouring the appearance of bacteria and mites.

viscoelastic pillow

Anyway, if we never wash our pillow, it will also deteriorate and lose its qualities.

If the pillow only suffers from bad odors, we recommend ventilating it and leaving it for an hour in the Sun. If the bad smell persists, then prepare a mixture of vinegar and water and spray the affected area. Use very little drop. Ideally, use a spray or dispenser.

Now wait a few minutes and dry it with a towel, then put baking soda on top and let it take effect for 8 hours and carefully remove it with the vacuum cleaner.

And ready! Now you know how to wash your viscoelastic pillow safely.

Wash a viscoelastic or gel pillow by hand

If the pillow has been stained with some liquid, then a deeper wash is required. First of all, look at the pillow label and the manufacturer’s instructions. If these instructions allow washing in a washing machine and it is a viscoelastic or gel pillow, we recommend NOT to do it. Wash it by hand because the chances of loading it are quite high.

To wash the viscoelastic or gel pillow, we must first prepare a container with a mixture of warm or warm water and mild washing machine detergent for delicate items. DO NOT use bleach, bleach, fabric softener, or enzyme detergent.

The next step you can imagine, we have to take a cloth, dip it in the container, drain it VERY well and rub in circular motions. The third and final step is to dry it. We will press the wet part of the pillow so that the water comes out with the help of a towel. So, absorb it, and the better we do this step, the faster it will dry.

We will let it dry in a flat place without moisture. You can also help with a fan to speed up the process. The drying part is the most important. You must make sure that the pillow is completely dry. Otherwise, mold will occur.

Remember that the best option is to use a pillowcase. If you already have one, we recommend that you wash it more frequently during the hot months, since we usually sweat more. In short, you can NOT wash a viscoelastic pillow (or aloe vera) or gel in the washing machine. We must do it by hand.

How to wash a latex pillow?

Latex is a material more resistant to water than viscoelastic. A washing can still be dangerous in which they are soaked whole. There are several models and depending on what you have. You have one option or another.

latex pillow

Can you wash the latex pillows in the washing machine?

The answer to this question is depends on what model you have. As for latex pillows, some models allow machine washing and others do not. Read the manufacturer’s instructions, if they do not indicate anything about washing, then do it by hand.

How to wash a latex pillow by hand?

To wash the latex pillows by hand, the same process as viscoelastic or gel is followed (in the previous section). The only difference is in drying, and this type of pillows does not feel the very good Sun. It is best that you dry them where you are not giving them directly.

Remember that it has to be completely dry before using or storing it. The best option is to use pillowcases and wash them frequently without having to clean the pillow itself. A latex pillow can be washed in the washing machine as long as the manufacturer indicates.

How to wash feather or down pillows?

Feather or down pillows can be washed both in the washing machine and by hand. If you want to wash them by hand, the process is the same as with the viscoelastic and gel pillow.

down pillow

If you will wash them in the washing machine, you must take certain precautions. First, read the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure it has no small hole. Otherwise, you will lose the filling during washing, and we will run out of a pillow.

How to wash feather pillows?

You should use a mild detergent for delicate garments (no Legia, no bleach, if softened, or detergent with enzymes). The washing machine program has to be a special wash for delicate clothes (usually it is acrylic or for sportswear).

Now put the pillow in the washing machine with two tennis balls. So, the feathers do not cake (if you do not have clean tennis balls cover them with socks and so it will not dirty it).

The next step is to rinse it with the centrifuge program, do it at low revolutions and repeat this process to accelerate drying. Then take it to the bathtub and gently press it to remove the remaining water.

And the last step is drying, if you have a dryer is ideal, you have to put the pillow and set a low temperature, but for a longer time than usual.

Remember that you must ensure that the pillow is completely dry before storing or using it. The best option is to use a pillowcase and save yourself having to wash your feather or down pillow. Pillows and down or feather cushions can be washed in the washing machine with certain precautions.

There are two great types of smart pillows.

On the one hand, we have the breathable ones. They are made of synthetic materials such as microfiber, silicone hollow fibre, polyurethane. On the other hand, we have the molded ones, the latter use a viscoelastic or very similar material.

Breathable we can wash them in the washing machine without any problem as if it were any microfiber pillow.

The molded ones do not, because if we soak them in the water, they lose the memory form properties (adaptive capacity and recovery of their shape). So we must clean them by hand.

To know which group the pillow belongs to, we recommend that you look at the manufacturer’s label. It depends on its material you can find out if they are breathable or molded.

Anyway, if you are not sure what type it belongs to, DO NOT play it, wash it by hand.

How to wash a smart pillow by hand?

To wash a smart pillow by hand the same process is followed as with a viscoelastic pillow. I will repeat it once more just in case …

We prepare a mixture with warm or warm water and mild washing machine detergent. No matter if it is powdered or liquid. DO NOT even think of using bleach, bleach, softeners, or enzyme detergent.

After we take a clean cloth, immerse it in the solution, drain well to remove excess water and gently rub circularly over the area you want to clean.

You must let it dry completely, make sure because otherwise, it could cause fungus or mold.

There are probably people who want to clean the entire pillow and not just a part. There is no other way. You will have to rub the entire pillow patiently if this is your case. I will not tire of repeating that the best option is to buy a cover and so you will not have to wash the pillow but the cover.

How to wash moldy pillows?

wash moldy pillows

First of all, tell you that if your pillow is moldy, it is probably because it got wet and was not allowed to dry completely before using it. So, from now on make sure the drying is complete.

If I were in your place, I would not hesitate to buy any pillows before cleaning this one, but that is just my point of view.

It is possible to remove mold completely. We will follow one procedure or another depending on whether your pillow can be washed in a washing machine or not:

Remove mold on washable pillows in a washing machine

In general, fibre, polyurethane, silicone hollow fibre, microfiber, feather, down or wool pillows can be machine washed, however, consult the manufacturer’s label.

If your pillows are made of down, feathers or wool, put 3 tennis balls in the washing machine to prevent the material from caking.

How to wash moldy pillows

1- First, spray generously with a stain remover in the affected area, let it take effect for about a quarter of an hour.

2- Second, put the pillow in the washing machine, use the maximum temperature recommended by the manufacturer. If you do not find the manufacturer’s temperature, I recommend that you do not exceed 60 ° C and instead of using detergent, use a glass of white vinegar.

3- Try this last program to belong, the longer, the better for it to take effect. DO NOT use bleach, bleach, softener — enzyme detergent.

4- Dry them, you can lay them out, leave them in the window, let them out of the Sun directly (if possible) and try to avoid damp sites. LET IT DRY COMPLETELY.

Remove mold on NOT washable pillows in a washing machine

In general, the pillows that CANNOT be washed in the washing machine are viscoelastic, Tempur, intelligent, latex. These will suffer after the process irremediably, memory foam, aloe vera.

If you have a latex pillow, it will suffer in the drying process.

1- Prepare a mixture of table salt (normal sea salt), the juice of a lemon and a little water.

2- We dip a sponge in the solution, drain very well (we must prevent the pillow from getting too wet ) and rub circularly on the affected areas with mold.

3- Rub and drain as many times as you need to remove mold.

4- When you finish, you must let the pillow dry in a place where you directly from the Sun. It is essential that you give it from the Sun because it will favour the complete elimination of bacteria.

Latex pillows cannot sunbathe directly for several hours in a row, which is why they will inevitably deteriorate.

How to bleach a yellowish pillow?

bleach a yellowish pillow

As time passes, our pillow may acquire a yellowish color. This is mainly due to sweat and saliva.

Then we tell you to step by step what you need to make your pillow look like new.


  • A glass of washing machine detergent.
  • A glass of biodegradable dishwashing detergent.
  • Half glass of borax.
  • Hot water (whichever is necessary).
  • Prepared with 3 liters of water, half a cup (125ml) of lemon juice and a cup of hydrogen peroxide (250ml)
  • The process is simple. You have to pour all the ingredients in the washing machine, first, make sure if your pillow is machine washable (on the label).

The preparation of water, lemon and hydrogen peroxide is simple. You have to stir it well until they are completely mixed.

Put on gloves to protect your hands from chemicals.

The washing machine program should use the hottest water possible according to the label instructions.

Make two centrifuges to facilitate drying.

You can also press on the pillow gently to drain it if they still have a lot of water.

Lay the pillow in the Sun, in a place with low humidity, make sure it is completely dry before using it. So, it does not cause fungus or mold.

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