How to Dress Newborn baby easily?

Dressing newborn baby is a task that should be done with the full dedication. If we do it after the bath or in the diaper change, it is a very special moment of contact with the baby. However, what should be a pleasant moment sometimes turns into the opposite because most babies do not find it too comfortable to undress them. Many cries for the stress that causes them to be manipulated to dress them. They hate having a naked torso and suffer a certain sense of insecurity when they find themselves without clothes. They are complaining and restless.

Dress newborn baby is not a suffering for the person who does. You must take into account the following tips and size of clothes.

Tips on dress newborn baby

Dress Newborn baby
Dress Newborn baby

To dress, the baby should be lying on his back on a firm surface but not hard or cold. Try to use a mat to make it comfortable. If it is made of plastic it is preferable to cover it with a towel that does not matter if it is stained. Of course, the child should not be left alone on the changer for a second.

Have everything at hand: speed is essential. We cannot leave the baby unattended and get cold while we go to look for clothes. The molt must be prepared before beginning to undress the baby.

Handle gently. Do not turn it around abruptly, or shake it to put clothes on it. The movements should be safe and always bear in mind that the tiny baby is still not able to hold his head.

The baby hates being covered in the face. Therefore, when putting or removing the clothes by the head, stretch the neck of the garment and place it with one hand while holding the head with the other.

Placing the sleeves usually complicate us until we take the trick. But the technique is very simple: instead of putting the arm in the sleeve, we have to place the sleeve on the arm. That is to say, to pass our hand by the sleeve the other way around, to take the first of the baby and to make it cross the sleeve. Never throw or push your arms.

It is very common to skip any of the automatic ends. To avoid this you have to start fastening from the ankles upwards, first one leg and then the other.

The room temperature

Dress Newborn baby
Room temperature

You have to prevent the baby from getting cold when we put it on. Babies still do not adequately regulate body temperature. So, it is dangerous to lose heat. If the environment cools they must use energy to produce heat. The temperature of the room should be pleasant, warm but not hot. A temperature that promotes relaxation. The ideal is around 24 or 25 degrees.

On the other hand, the excess of heat is not good either. As we commented in the post, how many clothes should be put? On the care of the newborn, it is important not to shelter him too much.

How should the clothes be?How should the clothes be?

  • It must be loose, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Cotton garments made of natural fibers to minimize irritations and allergies.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics and wool.
  • Do not wear clothes with chains or ribbons and never put safety pins.
  • Prefer clothes that open in front.
  • Prefer clothes that do not release the hair.
  • Do not wash the baby’s clothes with strong detergents or apply softener as they can cause the allergic reaction or skin irritations.
  • Avoid zips at the waist, prefer elastic waists.
  • When they are newborns choose scrubs and pajamas with foot and better bodies to shirts.
  • Cut labels, especially those of underwear.

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