10 Clothing Staples Every Mom Should Own

When you’re so busy taking care of your kid and their wardrobe, sometimes we put our own wardrobe on the back burner. It can be overwhelming to decide which pieces are must-haves versus just trendy or redundant. Mom clothing doesn’t just have to be practical. Mom clothing can be cute while still being pragmatic enough for all the things you need to get done. So if you’re not sure what to keep or donate, keep in mind these ten clothing staples that every mom should own.

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  1. Basic Tees — Trendy tops for women include basic tees from staple white t-shirts to classic stripes. You can’t go wrong with a basic white tee. When you need to run errands or drop the kids off at school, sometimes you just need to grab the first thing in your closet. Have a rotation of basic tees to make it easy for you to have an outfit essential in a snap.
  2. Neutral Dresses — If you’re looking for a few staple neutral dresses in your wardrobe, according to Who What Wear, go for midi sweater dresses and neckline dresses in a neutral hue. Neutral hues are great options when you’re not quite sure which colors you want to pair with your dress. With neutral hues, you can pair your dress with matching neutral accessories. You can go for a stark contrast and go for bold shoes or brightly colored purses.
  3. Little Black Dress — Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to a little fun every now and then. It’s not all responsibility and no play. Allow yourself to enjoy any moment or special occasion with a little black dress. Play around with different necklines and lengths of the quintessential LBD, depending on the moment. Having a playdate with the kids and other moms? Go for a black maxi dress with ruffles or a simple A-line black dress. Having a date night out? Try a playful black bodycon dress.

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  1. Dark Wash Jeans — Don’t just wear any old jeans you have lying around. Go for cute jeans such as dark wash jeans. Dark wash jeans are stylish yet practical options for any mom that wants to grab a pair of easy-to-wear pants. These can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  2. Cardigan Sweater — A cardigan sweater is a must-have for layering through all the seasons. It’ll keep you warm during the cool weather months. It adds a fun layer during the spring and summer seasons as a comfortable addition when you’re turning the AC up. A cardigan sweater can also be worn as a cute cover-up during beach and pool days with the family. You can even wear an oversized cardigan sweater as a dress by belting it. Talk about versatility! As a mom, it’s all about clothing that’s versatile enough for whatever the day brings.
  3. Tote Bag — When it comes to cute women’s clothing, you have to consider what accessories you’ll need as well. That means a tote bag to carry all of your own items and very likely your little ones’ things. There are different kinds of tote bags out there, depending on your needs. If you just need a quick and easy way to grab and go, go for an open tote bag. If you need a little more security and privacy for your things, get a canvas tote bag with a secure zipper.
  4. Minimalist Backpack — If you don’t want to carry all of your things on one shoulder, get an ergonomic minimalist backpack. Minimalism is the new luxury, and there are plenty of lowkey stylish options that make wearing a backpack fun, trendy, and efficient for carrying all your and their essentials without feeling like you’re back in middle school. This is your new mom backpack, and they’re specially designed for moms with discerning tastes and practical needs.

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  1. Slip-On Sneakers — Need shoes that offer comfort yet are easy to slip into? Get slip-on sneakers. These kinds of shoes are meant for literally slipping into. They’ll offer your feet much needed support when you’re busy doing all the mom things you have to do every day.
  2. Flats — Want a slightly more stylish option, or need shoes that can transition from doing the grocery shopping to a heavily anticipated date night out? Every mom needs flats as part of her staple mom wardrobe. They’re practical enough to wear when you’re going about your day. They’re also stylish enough that you can easily wear them out to dinner.
  3. Statement Jewelry — Make a statement with statement jewelry. You’ll love the feeling of wearing drop earrings or gold necklaces that make you smile from ear to ear. When the rest of your clothing feels so practical and everyday, statement jewelry can help kick your outfit up a notch and help you remember how special you really are.

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