Tutu Skirts for Charming Women of All Ages

The Tutu skirt was first worn as a costume for a ballet performance. This tutu skirt was usually attached to the bodies worn by the female performers. These tutu skirts used to differ in layers, some used to have just a single layer, others have multiple layers jutting out, hanging down and starched. But now tutu skirt has also become a fashion statement, even though it is still worn by the ballet performers.

Tutu Skirts

The Trendy Appeal

These days’ tutu skirts are not bound by a certain age group. The feminine gender belonging to all age groups prefer wearing the tutu skirts as per there own choice of style. The number of styles of tutu skirt available today is beyond limits. One does not have to choose from the styles that are available in the shops, one can even make a tutu skirt and design it with anything that crosses their mid. Whether one wants the tutu skirt to look very professional and thus make one from the scratch or use the tutu combining it with an outfit to make it look different; it is all up to the individual. The tutu skirt can be added to dresses, tights or even pants, the motive is to get a creative and different look from the existing outfit. The tutu skirts for skirts generally have a theme like a princess or a fairy. Tutu for women has a more bold and fashionable look. Wearing a tutu can be really fun and at the same time compliment one’s appearance.

Tutu Skirts for Occasions

Nowadays having a photoshoot with costumes having tutu skirts, is becoming an upcoming trend. Whether the photoshoots are of child models or adult models, all of them seem to love the idea of posing in tutu skirts. Thus it has proven that tutu skirts are no more limited to the stage, girls, and women like wearing them and be on the streets. The most eye catchy style of tutu for girls is the fluffy and short kinds which are paired with leggings or tights that are full length and worn underneath. The popular style of tutu skirt for women is the trendy kinds that are only around the hip and worn over jeans, pants or anything else that one would desire to pair it up with. Tutus for women are usually worn to happening places like night club parties or concerts. The tutu skirts for girls can be easily sewed at home on following instructions given on the internet guide.

The tutu skirts for women if made at home could cost around $25-$40, but if bought from the shop then the price can vary from $50-$70. Tutu skirts for women usually have themes according to occasion it is worn for. If it is worn for Christmas, then women would usually like to go for a tutu with an empire waist dress that has a combination of red and green.

Tips to make Tutus look best

  • Prefer wearing a fitting tee that should be tucked into the skirt, making the tutu more prominent.
  • The tee should be simple, and it is better is the edges of the tutu layers are ruffled giving it an hourglass look. A simple belt over the waist would also be fine.
  • One can wear a blazer like a shirt, wearing dark pants and a blazer that is fully buttoned. This adds a smart and sophisticated touch to the entire look.
  • The tutu for women can also be worn like a high waist skirt. Floral printed leggings should be worn below with high ankle boots, and for the top one can go for a leather jacket. This gives the night club hot appeal. One should not limit the accessories; it should be matched as per one’s taste and preference.
  • The tutu skirt can again be worn like a short that can be paired with denim and a casual top or cardigan. This will give the rocker chic kind of look, which is also very sophisticated and classy at the same time. Belts and accessories can be added as per one’s preference and choice.

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