How To Dress Up And Choose a Man’s Outfit

Many men live in the comfort of wearing casual clothes every day when they are presented with the event of going to work in formal clothes or any formal situation do not know what to wear too because many do not like to go shopping, but if you are going to invest in A suit do it smartly. You may also like to visit Double Two.

how to dressup
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Keep these tips in mind so that the suit is perfect and always look great:

The flap should fit the neck, there should be no wrinkles or spaces between your neck and it should stick out of the bag between 0.5 to 1.5 cms.

  • The sexiest thing about the costumes is the emphasis they make on your back as well as determining your correct size because you must be perfect and this you discover by defining that the cut that divides the sleeve and the sack is just over the shoulder bone, That is to say, it should cover your whole back not one inch further in or out.
  • The shoulder pads are inversely proportional to your figure, that is if you have a few extra pounds choose the small shoulder pads and leave the shoulder pads prominent to the thinner but do not go overboard with them.
  • Choose the straight suits of 2 buttons in the bag or blazer as it is a classic cut that will always keep you at the forefront and also favors all types of body, a blazer or jacket that perfectly fit must carry the first button just below Of the waist, use it by buttoning the first button and let loose the second and keep in mind always unbutton the jacket when you sit so you do not look bad, those with double buttons are more recommended for the tall and thin.
how to dressup
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  • To know the correct length of the sleeve of your blazer folds the arm to 90 ° and makes sure that the fist is just at the wrist and that the shirt protrudes from 1 to 1.5 cms of the sleeve of your blazer.
  • If you want to know the correct length of the blazer, stand straight with your hands straight down and where your thumb is until there will be the reference point where your jacket or blazer should arrive. In case you are of short stature you can use the blazer a little above the measurement of the thumb.
  • Note that most blazers have openings in the back that can be either one in the center or 2 on the sides, it is not obligatory but generally, it is suggested to use the central opening for a formal dress and one of the lateral openings For more sport / casual outfits.
  • Prefer the neutral colors, the most combinable and used in suits is black, navy blue and gray also never go out of style and will not look repeated.
  • Do not go looking for the same size jean in the pants of a suit because the sizes tend to vary choose to use the sizes close to those you normally use and that if you try them all very well that when you feel you will not leave the lining Out of pocket that should never be seen. Make sure that the pants are just 3 cm below the navel and should fit perfectly, ie I did not squeeze too much or otherwise you need a belt to fit.
  • Choose the pants without tweezers that besides being very elegant will not create that in the front that will not look very well. However if you always prefer them with tweezers prefer them with a single clamp and without tightening, that the clamp does not open or extend why it means that those pants are not your size and will make you look plumper.
  • Wear the pants with narrow and straight boots and avoid those that are very wide and straight with a wide boot and do not take length and stylization to your legs using hem.
  • Keep in mind that the pants should reach you right up to where the shoelace starts and from behind to the heel. We all know that it is impossible to find the pants with the perfect length of your measurement but for this like everything there is a solution and it is preferable sometimes to buy it a little longer and that can be arranged with a tailor and that if you do the test of the dress With the shoes you will wear to know the perfect length.
  • Keep in mind that your tie should arrive right where the belt begins. And add variety and color to your neutral color suit with shirts, ties and socks.

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