How to Apply Rhinestone on Nails? Follow These Steps

Women with style and originals must necessarily know all the secrets of nail art for a trendy and glamorous look; even the nails, in fact, can express a particular mood and be combined with clothes, accessories and hairstyles. Since there has recently been a return to the use of rhinestone as a decorative element of bags, shoes and bijoux it is good to adapt and not exclude the possibility of rhinestone nail art. One of the great advantages of the rhinestone is that they are really resistant. Here in detail how to apply rhinestone on nails.

How to apply rhinestone on nails?

You will need:

  • Top coat
  • Transparent nail polish
  • Rhinestone
  • Dotter

How to apply rhinestone on nails

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Perform cleaning

First of all, it is good to have everything you need available before proceeding with the creation of nail art. Get some small golden or silver rhinestone, according to your preferences (you can find them in beauty shops). Before starting it is essential to have your nails clean, therefore it is recommended to perform an antiseptic wash and dry them well, it is also important to eliminate or push down the cuticles. Carefully apply a small point of glue or resin to the nail with an ox wood stick, a toothpick or another small, pointed object.

Apply the nail polish

Apply the transparent nail polish on all the nails of the right hand and, before proceeding with the next operation, make sure that it has dried properly. Now spread the black nail polish on the nail of the ring finger, while, always using the same nail polish, create a diagonal French on all the other nails, or spread the color diagonally and only in the upper section of the nail. At this point, apply your fixing top coat on the ring finger and, before it has completely dried, glue the small rhinestone on the nail with the help of the dotter: the topcoat will act as the glue. Arrange them vertically by creating three parallel columns with three rhinestones each.

After a few minutes, make a further coat of topcoat in order to better seal the applications. If desired, you can apply the base and two thin layers of the chosen nail polish. Paint over with a thick layer of clear topcoat and then quickly start applying the rhinestone. Make sure you work fast. Do not use a quick-drying top coat polish. Otherwise you will have to work at the speed of light. Once finished, run an additional layer of clear topcoat to keep the rhinestones in place.

Apply the rhinestone

Apply the rhinestones, the rhinestone or any other accessory over the glue point and gently hold it in place with the wooden rod or another tool so that it remains fixed while you wait for the glue to dry. Try to hold each rhinestone or charm in place for at least 20-30 seconds before leaving it. After applying all the embellishments, apply a transparent topcoat to give the jewelry additional power.

Spread the topcoat over the rest of the nails and repeat the previously described operation, applying the rhinestone diagonally only on the colored part of the nail. Proceed in the same way for the decoration of the nails of the left hand. In a few steps you can get a trendy nail art that all your friends will envy you and to create an even more trendy street style don’t forget to match your rhinestone nails, accessories and bijoux. In this way, your outfit will be truly irresistible!

This method is the most time consuming, so it requires a lot of patience. In addition, many types of glue begin to lose their adhesive power shortly after opening the tube, so it is best to always use a fairly fresh glue.

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