How to choose suit: Tips for choosing a suit

The Christmas are just around the corner, many events and meetings you have to wear our best clothes. The tailor suit can be the perfect choice for many of these occasions, plus a very good reversal of wardrobe bottom. In this article, we show how to choose suit.

The suits are synonymous with good male dress, and should enhance our silhouette, never the opposite. It is important to try and get right with the exact size, a failure of size can destroy our image. To wear a suit that does not favor the best is to not wear it and try another type of style. Keep reading: How to wash clothes in washing machine?

How to choose suit?

how to choose suit

Before buying you should take into account these tips. Especially in this type of suits with standard sizes, if you have tried hundreds of them and none favors you it is time to go thinking about making a suit to half, your silhouette will appreciate it, it is never of more a suit made especially for you with your exact measurements, although of the tailoring to average already we will speak in another occasion.

The American

The shoulder pads of the jacket should not protrude excessively from the shoulders, they simply should enhance them.

You must be able to close your jacket without problems, neither too wide nor too narrow, that fits but does not press. A straight cut is the ideal and the most flattering. Only the slimmest can opt for the slim fit silhouette with a tighter fit.

how to choose suit

As a general rule of button closure remember this rule; always, sometimes and never. The first button always closed, the second one sometimes, the third one never. In other words, if you wear a three-button suit, you must close the first button and the second button is optional, leaving the third unbuttoned, although there are those who say that in this case the first button is also optional. In the case of two buttons you must carry the first one always closed and the second one is optional. A one-button suit will always be closed.

The suits of three buttons are the most classic of all, but they are not suitable for the shorter ones, they will emphasize more the short stature. The two buttons are the most standard favoring almost all.

The trousers and shoes

The fall of the ideal trousers is the one that makes a single fold in the leg when wearing the shoes, neither very fishing nor very long, as in the image.

A leather dress belt is the perfect complement to the pants, although some men do without this accessory, it is much smarter to wear the pants with a good belt, as advice combine it with the shoes.

A pointed shoe with laces in black is the perfect joker for both dark and lighter suits. If you choose a gray suit or earthy tones you can also opt for brown shoes. The blue suits admit the two colors. The best option to wear a suit of evening shoes are black.

how to choose suit

The shirt and tie

The sleeve of the shirt should be between one and two centimeters approximately with respect to the jacket. Better two centimeters if you’re going to wear a shirt with a cuff for twins.

The shirt should not be wrinkled or make folds or bags, the best 100% cotton or those that mix cotton and silk.

The neck of the shirt is the most important, measure it to choose the exact size. The tie should be knotted with all the buttons closed without being too tight or too loose.

The tie should be slightly above the pants to an inch approximately.

how to choose suit

A total look like this from Boss by Hugo Boss, with a white cotton shirt with a light weft, a belt and leather shoes and a silk tie plus the regular cut suit with a two-button jacket made of 100% virgin wool, has a price Approximately € 1100.

Try to highlight the best and disguise the worst, try without laziness as many times as necessary and retreat in the mirror to find your ideal suit. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and safe.

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