How to choose sunglasses: all the coolest models

Cat Eye, butterfly, Aviator, mirror. What are the sunglasses for Fall / Winter 2020? What about optical frames? Here are our tips for choosing all the coolest models for the new season.

Sunglasses are undoubtedly the accessory that cannot be missing during the summer. But even the winter clouds are not perennial, and even when the weather seems grayer, they are the faithful companions who not only defend our eyes from UV rays (and also for this reason we advise you to check that the glasses you choose have anti-UV lenses. UV), but they are an indispensable complement to our daily looks. How to choose the perfect sunglasses for our face? What if we were planning to change the frames of our prescription glasses? Let us be guided by the eyewear models among the trends for Autumn / Winter 2020-2021.

For a diva look: Cat Sunglasses

A great classic that every woman has bought sooner or later. Let’s talk about cat sunglasses, the one and only model capable of making you feel as chic as a 50s Hollywood diva.

From Marilyn Monroe in “How to marry a millionaire” to Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” there are many style icons that have made the Cat Eye the must-have absolutely as a passe-partout accessory to match all your outfits.

The must-have model for Fall / Winter 2020-2021? Surely the super tapered one made by Alexander McQueen: the perfect reinterpretation of a classic for a contemporary style. Here is the latest Alexander McQueen collection you can check out.

Butterfly sunglasses for a bewitching look

Do you want to feel light like a dragonfly and fascinating like a mariposa? Then the butterfly sunglasses the right model for you. More elegant than the teardrop model, less iconic than the Cat Eye but still timeless: the characteristic wing shape lends itself to multiple interpretations, from the most classic and linear to the most futuristic.

Perfect to wear for those with a triangular face, but also for those with harmonious and oval features. The choice of the model varies depending on the look, we recommend frames rich in character but which in any case do not weigh down the features too much like those made by Valentino. Super feminine thanks to the delicate colors that match all complexions. The optical frames of the Silhouette Infinity Collection and Neubau guarantee flexibility and comfort at the top.

Aviator and teardrop sunglasses, all must-haves for Winter 2021

If you have a square face the sunglasses aviator or drip are the winning choices to sweeten your features.

In addition, the aviator model is a real timeless classic, proposed in so many variations of color and style that we can safely say that it is the most adaptable to all looks, from the sporty to the most sophisticated, everything is in the right choice of frame and lens.

The inimitable Ray-Banit is a must-have that has become unisex, which we love to alternate with super glamorous models with colored or degrade mirrored lenses, preferably able to block 100% of harmful UV rays.

All mirrored sunglasses for a bold look

The choice of mirrored sunglasses denotes character and a style that wants to stand out in the crowd. Mirrored lenses are now a trend that re-emerges every year both in winter and at the arrival of summer, taking on always different styles and shapes. Squared, aviator, Cat Eye, and so on and so forth, there is no model that is not produced with at least one variant with a mirrored lens.

For this Fall / Winter 2020-2021 we propose you to risk everything by focusing on rectangular sunglasses with retro lines decorated temples and details that do not go unnoticed for a contemporary look with guaranteed success. But be careful: for those with thin and elongated faces, round sunglasses are better suited.

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