What to put under the men’s sweater?

A practical guide on what to put under the men’s sweater to always be on top.

Matching the men’s sweater: what to wear underneath?

No, we are not talking about the man with a reindeer Christmas sweater … with that no one will notice what you put underneath. Let’s talk, rather, about the various types of men’s sweaters and how to match them: men’s sweaters and shirts?

What about the collar, inside or out? Shirtless sweater? The right shirt under a V-neck sweater?  What if we wanted to combine a jacket over a sweater? Depending on the look we are looking for, formal or casual, the rules of style and fashion change.

Two things, however, always remain valid:

– regardless of the combinations, the ideal sweater is the one that slides perfectly on your figure, wrapping the shapes in order to enhance the most important ones and soften the more slender ones.

– the fabric of men’s sweaters must be light and of quality especially if worn over a jacket, while for more versatile models you can opt for a more robust yarn, capable of retaining heat without being too heavy in terms of portability.

Men’s sweater: each model has its own combination

To understand what to wear under a men’s sweater it is important to know all the models and to understand the characteristics and contexts of use.

1) Crewneck sweatermen's sweater

The shirt with the crew neck sweater is one of the most used and successful combinations of men’s outfits. The reason?

It easily adapts to both elegant contexts and more casual situations in which, however, it is good to always look chic and tidy.

In this combination, the shirt can be either button-down or a model with a classic collar. What if you’re wondering “Does the shirt collar go in or out of the sweater? ”The answer is: the collar must always be tucked under the round neck.

Not only that: this matching sweater with a shirt underneath is also suitable for a tie and is perfect for any type of knot, as it leaves the right space between shirt and sweater.

If you are looking for a more casual and cheeky result, you can also opt for a long-sleeved polo shirt. But be careful to choose the right shade of color. Forbid too bold fantasies.

2) V-neck sweater

The V-neck sweater carries with it a great prohibition: wearing another V-neck shirt underneath!

That said, if we combine it with a shirt it is preferable to choose it button-down and leave the French collar for another sweater model.

Despite being a classic of men’s fashion, in fact, the V-neck is considered less formal than the previous one.

The tie will go great with this model, as the V-lines of the neckline and tips create harmony and the right space for each type of knot. If you want to put a jacket over the sweater, a more sporty cut is preferable in this case.

3) Men’s cardigan sweatermen's sweater

The cardigan is an open pullover with buttons, sometimes with small pockets. It should not be fully buttoned but left open on the chest or belt. It is a simple but refined garment that adapts to different occasions, from the office to more or less informal dinners.

The ideal cardigan is in a solid color, and what you wear underneath must be in similar shades or with small patterns or stripes.

For a more elegant look, it is better to choose a shirt and perhaps a slim fabric tie (preferable to the classic ones).

For leisure time, green light for models with patches, a sporty detail that makes the cardigan versatile and trendy.

If you choose to wear the sweater without a shirt, you can choose a t-shirt: however, this too must be combined in similar tones and without too many patterns, especially if the cardigan also has particular workmanship.

To dare, however, ok with contrasting tones. If sleeveless, the cardigan becomes a knitted vest, which perfectly matches the smock.

Classic in a solid color, more jaunty if it has patterns or color contrasts. Also in this case it is better to open the last or the last two buttons.

4) Men’s turtleneck

Among the sports sweaters, an evergreen garment that never loses charm is the turtleneck, a sweater with a high turn-up collar that adheres to the skin.

In winter it is the easiest and most comfortable men’s sweater to wear. It takes its name from the Fellini film of the same name, in which it was worn by the great Mastroianni, while the Americans call it nicely turtleneck (turtle neck).

It can be worn with a suit but also with more sporty jackets and trousers, and it is a model that slims the entire figure, with an impeccable result even in casual situations.

Usually, this type of sweater is worn over a well-fitting crew neck t-shirt of any color and type.

5) Men’s half zip sweatermen's sweater

The turtleneck sweater with zipping is a valid alternative to the turtleneck. It can be worn with or without a shirt, never with a tie. Half-zip jacket and sweater? Yes, better if with more sporty jackets.

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