5 ideas to match black jeans

Black jeans are the protagonists of autumn outfits. Here’s how to combine them with style, in 5 versatile looks ranging from casual to formal occasions.

D.ici black jeans and think of concert outfits, adolescence and grunge look so fashionable in the nineties. Good old days? If with age the occasions of use change, the total black denim trousers remain one of the wardrobe-essentials. Long and skinny, cropped ankle model, mom jeans or straight, versatile thanks to the dark shade. How to combine black jeans with elegance? Here are 5 black jeans outfits to try now, ranging from casual to formal.

1. Grunge style revisited black jeans

The model remains the unrivaled Kate Moss and that grunge look that is very much the Nineties principle. But to adapt to the season when concerts are banned and at most, you can indulge in a few business meetings, black jeans are worn with a maxi pinstripe or checked coats. Below, a contrasting gray turtleneck; on the feet, instead of amphibians, a pair of thick masculine moccasins, to be combined with socks that match the color of the sweater. The accessories? The terracotta-colored office handbag warms up the look.

2. Instead of the t-shirt, the shirt

Black pants and Guns N ‘Roses t-shirt? In autumn 2020, the jeans outfit that recalls the most beautiful years is revisited in an elegant key. Just replace the printed t-shirt with a masculine striped shirt, ideal both in the office and in your free time. A classic black coat instead of a biker jacket and patent leather lace-ups elevate the outfit with style and never loses pace.

3. A touch of color

Black jeans represent a neutral canvas on which to compose the look. And they remain the only skinny jeans that we continue to wear with pleasure, thanks to the naturally slimming shade. The bright colors in combination, if used one at a time and sparingly, are perfect for black jeans outfits in your free time: among these, the lime yellow shade , trendy for autumn-winter 2021. Just a neon sweater at the right point, to be combined with original total black accessories such as a beanie hat or a pouch.

4. Bon ton, but not too much

For an outfit with elegant black jeans in autumn, the secret is to focus on essential and refined knitwear. The short version cardigan, the protagonist of the season, is a valid ally to enhance with refinement even the frayed ankle models or the distressed versions. The odd pair is enhanced by notable accessories, such as a pair of decorated slingbacks or a colorful handbag.

5. With the blazer and neutral sneakers black jeans

It’s hard to create a casual look with black jeans that don’t look like it came out of school. To combine them in adulthood without sacrificing comfort, it is better to focus on a straight model, to be worn with neutral sneakers . A blazer-cut jacket in wool or light flannel instead of the classic lumberjack shirt gives the leisure outfit a certain tone, so much so that it can also be reused in other more formal circumstances.

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