Type of Bag to Own for Every Occasion

Handbags are more than just a purse for women. It might sound overdramatic, but these are like a safe portable world carried by women everywhere they go. They have all the essential accessories that you need from the closet for your daily life. Not to exaggerate, but women handbags do provide a mixed combination of functionality, style, and classy designs.

Whether you are going to the office, making long business trips, enjoying a weekend getaway, or just being stuck in the middle of a cyclone, if you have your handbag, you have everything you need.

Usually, most women prefer classy and timeless handbag designs that do not need to be swapped for different occasions. And most of these bags go well with most of your wardrobe basics or your fashion statement. So, although most of these bags serve the bottom-line purpose, there are still plenty to browse and choose from.

In this article, you get a chance to discover some of the most famous handbag types.

Tote Bags – for maximum storage room.

These bags are an obvious choice for college girls and working women. After all, they are huge as far as the average size of handbags goes. Their extra-large storage capacity is actually a super functional feature for ladies. Whether you have a long or a short day, a tote bag will ensure you have room to carry every little thing possible.

Besides being popular among college and office goers, these bags are also handy when it comes to traveling. If you don’t have room for last-minute essentials in the baggage, the tote bag will still offer plenty to hold inside. Adaptable to style and usability, these can be carried with almost any outfit or attire.

Clutch Bags – small, lightweight, and convenient.

A clutch or a clutch bag looks like a small purse, and it fits pretty well in the palm. These are small, lightweight, and convenient enough to hold essentials like cards and cash. Regardless of its small size, it can be handy if one isn’t comfortable embracing the tote bag.

Carrying a clutch gives one a chic appeal because of how sophisticated it looks. Besides, these clutch bags leave no corners unchecked when it comes to accentuating your overall attire. You can find plenty of these clutches in various shapes, sizes, and designs from online stores.

Satchel Bags – the perfect go-to bag for women.

Probably, it is the size of these handbags that make them the perfect go-to bag to carry important stuff like lipstick, pens, cards, cash, earphones, etc. Those who do not need the extra-large size of tote bags or the small-sized clutches can buy a satchel. Therefore, it is pretty much a decent storage space to carry most of your necessities.

Satchels or crossbody bags are perfect for running everyday errands in the daytime. Even at night, these are perfect for keeping your belongings safe inside.

Final Words

Women love buying handbags and making a collection of different types of them for different occasions. One can buy various kinds of women handbags from different reputed stores. As they come in at almost every price point, therefore, it makes it affordable for someone to buy one based on their requirements.

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