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There are many fashion designers across the world all of whom will have their own take on what is fashionable. They often agree on the colours and tones that they think will be popular each year and they then develop these into their collections. Here are some of the top designers for you to look at.

Burberry – a British label Burberry has dramatically increased in popularity over the years as it pairs its English countrymen style with woolen tones and modern styling choices. The brand is well known for its adverts that see the pairings of its styles in modern and upbeat settings.

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Ralph Lauren – a staple in fashion, Ralph Lauren has had an impact on the way men’s fashion has been accessed by the younger generations. With Mens Ralph Lauren Knitwear now sought after by men from a variety of ages and backgrounds it has become the brand for the everyday man who puts fashion and styling at the forefront of everything they do.

Farah – developed in the early 20th Century in America this brand spread over to the United Kingdom in the 1970s and the stylish tailoring appealed to men who liked the cut of formal wear but wanted the comfort of casual material. The brand manages to achieve both with men choosing Farah for both casual wear, work wear and formal wear items.

XV Kings – The Tommy Bowe designs are a firm favourite with men across the world.  They have a beautiful range of clothes, and their shoes are a great addition.  If you are looking for Mens XV Kings shoes visit Louis Boyd.

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There are several other fashion brands that have established themselves as high end clothing at more affordable prices but the three mentioned above are amongst some of the most popular.

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