Tips when buying jeans online

Online shopping is fabulous! It is free to browse for hours and you can add things to your shopping basket without the strain of bags weighing you down, not to mention the variety and speed of delivery; however, some of us are still sceptical. It can be hard to find clothes to fit us when we can physically see them and try them on, let alone from a few pictures. We all know jeans can be especially awkward thanks to our many body shapes and sizes, so here are some tips when buying jeans online to avoid those dreaded trips to the post office.

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Your measurements

There are many brands and different sizing charts; however, one thing that stays the same is the measurements in inches. Most brands, such as Farah jeans, G-Star and Tommy Hilfiger jeans, will display all the sizes available on their website and will often show waist and leg measurements in inches. Get your measuring tape out, find the centre point between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips, wrap the tape measure around you for your waist and measure from your crotch to your ankle for your leg length.

Compare sizing charts

As mentioned above, sizing charts can differ from brand to brand; for example, Farah jeans could class a certain waist size as small, whereas G-Star could class the same measurement as medium. Always take a look at the chart to ensure you are buying the correct size.

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Know your style

Settling on a denim style that suits your shape can be difficult. Brands such as Gant and Farah jeans will offer various cuts, such as slim fit, skinny and wide leg. Look at your current wardrobe, identify which cuts you enjoy wearing the most, and look at popular jean cuts online for some outfit inspiration!


Lastly, don’t be afraid to make minor adjustments to your jeans if they arrive and they are a fraction too big or small. A belt will look great with jeans that are slightly too big or you could do a hot wash to shrink them, but be very careful with this method and do your research first. If they are slightly too small but you are determined to lose a few pounds, the elastic band technique around the button will work a charm.

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