How to dress with a vest elegantly that suit to your personality

One of the many pieces that have become versatile for men when it comes to dressing without a doubt that is the vests. This garment originally worn by Persian men has kept the similar style alive for more than three hundred years, becoming the most popular “complement” during the eighteenth century. In this article, we present you how to dress with a vest elegantly. 

How to dress with a vest elegantly?

Moving from bright colors to more classic tones, its evolution throughout the history of men’s fashion, no doubt has been significant, giving large changes with the passing of the years and varying, of course, the use that some gentlemen usually give According to the occasion. Let,s know step by step how to dress with a vest. Keep reading: What bath clothes suit you according to your body type?

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Origin of Vest

Some historians and cronies assure that in the origins said garment was provided with a silhouette nothing like the one that at the moment we know. GQ, in an article titled, The Vest: we study its origin, and we teach you to use it, they report that by then the shape or design itself was of a longer size, at the height of the knee and that it did have sleeves.

As for the characteristics and purpose of the vests, other editorials dedicated to the male audience, they state that they used to be made of silk with twelve to twenty buttons and could be seen inside long jackets. Later the vest became a warm protection for the times of winter, being made of the same cloth of the suit.

For the current fashion

There are multiple combinations that can be obtained if we have three suits of two pieces and three vests. It is what Mr. Daqui explains to us, who assures that up to twelve different looks can result. At the same time, he advises us with the possibility of combining them with the imperils jeans or Chinese pants, a tendency that can be seen in the streets in which combines the classic with the informal of the diarist.

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Some rules that should never be broken when using this garment are the following:

1- It is always advisable to use unbuttoned the last button, except for the costumes the Crusaders. The origin of this custom concerns to an error of Edward VII of England that did not fasten it and that also that it was the easier movement to him when riding.

2- The vest must be notched but not tight.

3- If you want to combine materials and prints, we recommend that you start with smooth and light colored clothes such as white, earth or light gray, and then gradually try to feel the comfort of the piece to add pictures, stripes or prints.

4- The waistcoat must be long enough to cover the waistline.

5 – Even though you feel tempted you should never wear them with a belt. It is advisable that the pants are made to your measure or with lateral sensors.

6- The front of the vest should be high enough so that only a small part of the jacket is visible.

7. There should be no space between the collar and the back of the vest.

In conclusion

We hope that these tips have been of total utility and that in the next appointments you can dress with all the hits that define a gentleman with a Tailored Suit. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading how to dress with a vest elegantly.

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