How to choosing the perfect biker jacket

Everything has been said about the biker jacket, so much so that Belgioioso’s Next Vintage has just dedicated an exhibition that traces its history between fashion and cinema (immediately the thought goes to Marlon Brando and James Dean). But it is precisely her charm, between mystery and rebellion, that has fueled the imagination of a personality with a disheveled and irreverent glamor.

What are the three details that the biker jacket must-have?

  1. Good leather, so as it gets older it improves and tells the story of the person wearing it
  2. Metal zip as closure
  3. Large pockets

Then there are some variable details regarding the padding: for greater comfort and a lighter structure, we recommend avoiding them. If you really don’t want to do without it, opt for a model that has reinforcements on the elbows and on the shoulder.

Then there is the concept of customization: a beautiful idea that was born together with the biker jacket, the original of the brothers Irving and Jack Schott.

What kind of skin?

Today fashion offers many models ranging from genuine leather to eco, passing through labels that offer garments with recycled leathers from some discarded vintage garment. As a first choice, it is better to opt for a smooth texture: over time it will be possible to add limited editions to the wardrobe, from pop motifs full of patches to luxury skins such as crocodile print leather.

Perfecto, with or without a belt?

The classic model includes the belt on the final part of the leather jacket (before the hem) which allows you to define the look and close the garment perfectly. In principle, we recommend it, with one exception: that of the short model at the waist, perfect for smaller people.

What are the most common mistakes made when choosing a biker jacket?

Do not choose the quality that can give you unpleasant surprises in a short time: it is scratched, cut, or torn.

The seasonal color will limit its use. The biker jacket is a Passepartout garment and by its nature, it can be worn with anything and everything: it is better to invest in a model with neutral tones. When in doubt, black is always the best solution.

The weight: when you find the right model, try it on to see if you will wear it willingly. Padding and thick leathers, albeit of quality, can determine a considerable bulk that unwillingly wears itself (so) throughout the day.

The armhole: avoid models that are too big on the shoulders that create a “caricature” effect.

The closure: try the zipper, it must slide smoothly and must close well without tightening the hips and/or breasts.

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