How to dress for school: 15 Looks to wear at school

Going to school is not as easy as your mom or grandmother imagine. Because there is your ex-boyfriend, the group of girls who spend their time criticizing you and your crush. That boy who drives you crazy and who in one way or another You try to impress without success.

It seems that being there is like the jungle, something similar to Lindsay Lohan’s flashback in the movie Heavy Girls.

How to dress for school?

To help you survive in it, we have selected fifteen outfits that will make you stand out from the rest of your school and that will obviously make you the envy of all.

  1. Take advantage of your ex’s shirt

girl with red hair

Combine a denim shirt, leggings and your favorite boots for a casual look.

  1. Show your sporty side

girl touching her own elbow

Although the American jackets were the most in a few years ago, today they are back and they are perfect to give a sporty touch to your style.

  1. Relax a little

girl drinking coffee

Studying can be stifling, so relax with a slim, baggy sweater outfit and sports sneakers.

  1. Show your camping side

girl sitting on the stairs

The checkered shirts are perfect at any time of year, you can combine them with jeans, shorts or skirts, everything will depend on your style and taste.

  1. Forget the accessories

girl taking off her glasses

Take advantage of your ankle boots, jeans, and a casual blouse, forget the ostentatious accessories and opt for simple earrings.

  1. Hug all the time

girl stretching her sweater

This fall, dust off your coat style sweater and combine it with flats, boots or tennis shoes and a pair of jeans.

  1. It looks casual and chic at the same time

girl looking at her own feet

If you are one of the girls who study and work and you have to attend the two sites and do not have the opportunity to change your clothes, this set is the perfect option.

  1. May your sweetness invade the corridors

girl watching through the window

A light pastel or gray sweater, loose hair, flats and jeans will give you a touch, of innocence.

  1. Maxi or mini dress?

girl in the middle of the hall

No blouse or sweater is as big as you think; all can be worn, either as a dress or with pants underneath.

  1. Show a little of you

girl walking

Although the autumn is already present, in some parts of Latin America the sun continues to make its own so you can wear a blouse with bare shoulders.

  1. One pledge over another

girl looking up

Leather jackets are one of the garments that can be worn all year round with either a blouse or sweatshirt underneath.

  1. Live in a pink world

girl touching her forehead

The pink is one of the colors that remains present during any time regardless of its hue.

  1. It is part of the urban sprawl

girl with long dress

Sports and the long hoodie is all you need for a street style.

  1. Immerse yourself in red wine

girl standing on one foot

Dark colors like black and wine are always a good option.

  1. Let no one forget you

girl with legs crossed

The blazer in bright colors is a good option and this set is also ideal for work and school.

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