Ash-blonde hair dye

Bright and extravagant looks were very fashionable a few years ago. Now they are replaced by more natural looks, namely nude makeup and hair with natural or almost natural colors. Blond is one of today’s trends and among blondes, the ash shade is among the most requested. Consider that only 10% of women have this color naturally, the others have to use dyes. It is certainly not easy to obtain the ash shade even with the best colors.


The Ash-blonde feature of ash blond is the absence of yellow-red tones. It is a completely cool color. As blonde hair contains yellow-red tones that emerge sooner or later, for the most part, the toning is not enough – you have to use resistant dyes.

But even with dyes, it’s not easy. Any ash-blonde tint has gray or blue pigment inside. And if the hair has a yellow tone, even light, or if the color is chosen incorrectly, the final color is dirty gray or gray-green. It won’t be the result you wanted to achieve, will it?

Due to these peculiarities of ash blond, hairdressers do not recommend coloring alone at home. Sometimes even a simple toning done by non-specialists can give disappointing results.

Three ash shades

If the coloring has been done correctly, the ash blonde color is very beautiful. It has 3 main shades but the division is conditional. According to the starting color and the chosen hue, the color can acquire individual tones. So for example the hair of two women colored with the same color will never be the same.

Ash blond. This is the name of the shade that has barely visible silver reflections in daylight. This shade looks great on women with fair, porcelain complexions, giving the hair a cool glow. In addition, this shade highlights gray and blue eyes.

Medium-blonde ashy shadeMedium ash blonde. It is the only ash shade that can be natural. In low light, it looks deep gray, and in a lot of light – it has silver highlights. The tonality is very rich and intense but smart. If used incorrectly it can bring outage, spoil the complexion, and even appear white even if the woman does not have white hair.

Dark ash blonde. It borders on the coffee shade but does not tend towards the brownish shade. The hair appears to be covered with a silver pomade that lightens it slightly. This shade is able to make them look feminine and mysterious. This goes well with any complexion and any eye color. It adds visual volume and slightly weighs down the hair.

And here is not the end and secrets of the ash blonde.

Advantages and disadvantagesAsh-blonde hair dye

Like any other color, ash-blond has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are certainly more:

  • it is natural and elegant;
  • it also looks good in the case of a one-color coloring;
  • it goes well with other cold shades for example with streaks;
  • highlights the shape of the cut and visually increases the volume;
  • covers white hair;
  • does not require frequent retouching of regrowth;
  • creates a sober but romantic look.

All these advantages are seen if the color is chosen correctly. If the chosen shade does not correspond to the color type of the person, it can highlight dark circles and wrinkles and make the whole look dull and sickly.


There are also people to whom the ash blonde shade is contraindicated. First of all, they are women with red or golden hair. On these, the ash is greenish, making the complexion greenish as well.

Ash-blonde does not look good even with freckles especially red or light brown.

Who does not go This shade is also not recommended in the following cases:

  • skin defects: pimples, scars, etc .;
  • spots on the skin;
  • dark circles and bags;
  • many wrinkles, even small ones;
  • redness and peeling of the skin;
  • the capillaries close to the surface.
  • It is also better to refuse this color if you do not have time to do the right hair care.

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