Playing a significant role in the lives of Criminals working in one of His Majesty’s Prisons

Personal qualities such as empathy, compassion, understanding, dedication, and commitment are all essential attributes to an individual contemplating a role as a Prison Officer in one of His Majesty’s Prisons.  Operating seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day this complex career means you will be working different shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays. With no such thing as a typical day, the work of a Prison Warden is certainly varied and definitely unpredictable.  Working in this essential position means you will be responsible for approximately 6 different offenders housed in your institution and it will be up to you to maintain links with their families, encourage their rehabilitation, promote substance recovery programmes and educate them on how to stay clean and crime free.

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This rewarding but challenging career choice can be enhanced if every Prison Officer attended at least one specialist Challenging behaviour training course run by a professional, experienced accredited Agency such as  Prisons are split into Male, Female and Young Offender categories as well as from level A = High Security Facility, B = Core Local Prison, C= Training Prison, D = Open Prison and lastly a Young Offenders Institution.

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Depending in which category prison you are working will affect the level of violence you are likely to encounter on a daily basis but no matter where you are, having a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to defuse a potentially violent Inmate will be invaluable.

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