How to Wear Midi Skirt Without Looking Frumpy

From its appearance in stores all over the world to today, the skirt has always been synonymous with elegance, femininity and seduction, the important thing is that it is worn with style and adapts to the body. A skirt model that is becoming increasingly popular is the longest. In fact, many women who decide to wear the midi skirt and with this simple and fast guide we want to provide excellent advice on how to best wear this item of clothing without risking making mistakes and risking making the skirt ridiculous and out of place.

How to wear a midi skirt?

The skirt is an excellent choice for those who are slightly curvy. In fact, it can give a very sexy silhouette. Worn under an oversized sweater it can become a must for winter, but be careful! If you are short, it is advisable to wear high heels, or stilettos with a big heel (but only if your calves allow it).

how to wear midi skirt

The combination of imitation leather skirt with a stretch shirt to enhance the forms is very rock. The shoes? For a more casual look, combine it with sneakers without tights, for a more rock look, the use of boots above or below the knee is more suitable, evergreen, the use of the décolletée that slims the figure, both closed and open toe.

A casual look

If your body has nothing to envy to that of a movie star, you can leave your heels in the closet and switch to ballerinas and moccasins, which are much more comfortable to wear. The skirt is a very versatile garment and can be used for an aperitif with friends or for a day at the office. The result will always be sexy and elegant.

You can dare much more with the colors: powder, beige or white with a top on top for a very feminine look. If you want an extra idea, combine fluorescent accessories for a bold contrast!

The black skirt immediately makes you seductive, especially if combined with heels and a glamorous black shirt!
Red, bubble pink, pastel blue, purple colors suitable for both your skirt and the upper part, without forgetting a pair of very high wedges, to stand out with color and style.

Never forget the good taste

Now it’s up to you, put on your favorite skirt and try to mix different garments to find your perfect match, with one eye on the fashion of the moment and the other in the mirror: always check your style, try not to look too clumsy and don’t forget to choose the style that best suits your body and yours. Otherwise, your alternative skirt could turn into a double-edged sword.

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