Korean makeup looks

Like skincare,  Korean makeup has quickly conquered the West, from Europe to the United States. Why? Simple, because it is super feminine, delicate, decidedly girly, and can transform any face into that of a doll. How can you resist it? This type of make-up derives from the aesthetic ideal of K-pop culture and music that has become a worldwide phenomenon in a few years: ethereal appearance, perfect skin, sweet features, big eyes, this is how the K- pop idol but the truth is that this type of makeup, in its simplicity, gives everyone, so we want to reveal how to replicate it!

A perfect face

The base is the real protagonist of this make-up and the use of any product aims to obtain a perfect complexion: always well hydrated, compact, naturally luminous, and smooth. The face primer, in this sense, becomes essential to obtain a smooth skin texture without imperfections. To obtain the inevitable dewy effect, however, a cushion foundation is essential, which is therefore moisturizing and perfecting.

The touch that cannot be missing? An orange blush (tangerine color to be precise!) Or baby pink to apply on the cheeks to make the face younger and give it an aura of pure innocence.

A k-pop star eye make-up

Korean make-up includes large eyes but with an almost melancholy appearance but it is always a natural and essential make-up, however, capable of enlarging the look. For this reason, shimmer or pearl colors are preferred which, applied on the eyelid, illuminate it in a few moves. Eyeliner, on the other hand, gives depth to the look but must be applied without exaggerating by drawing a rather thin line that stretches outwards but never too high.

Mascara cannot be missing, never, in any case, to give femininity and make the face magnetic.

Lips tutorial

The watchword for lips is volume, obtained with plumping balms. Or even more frequently by showing off shaded lips, delicate colors, shiny and shiny textures. The lips thus seem fuller precisely because they are darker in the center and lighter at the sides. The tints or lipsticks are applied with the fingers in the center and then fade outwards without defining the lip contour.

Did you also fall in love with this makeup? How to blame you, below you will find all the products to make it happen!

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