What to know about recycled wool

Recycled wool reduces textile waste and limits the use of chemicals in the dyeing process. It is beneficial to introduce recycled wool into your daily life as the production of this wool is greener. As an added bonus, woollen clothes enjoy a longer lifespan as at the end of their life the garments are easily recycled.

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What is created using recycled wool?

As the name suggests, recycled wool is wool that has been given a facelift and turned into a new fabric. Garments such as jumpers, sweaters, gloves, mittens and socks are created from the new fibre, in addition to home items such as throws, living room rugs and comfort blankets.

What are the benefits of recycled wool?

Recycled wool reduces stress on the environment. No additional sheep are needed to provide the wool and no extra dyes are required. Furthermore, the use of water and energy is much lower than producing original non-recycled fabrics. Celebrities and royalty have been spotted wearing recycled clothing. According to British Vogue  Catherine, Princess of Wales visited Anglesey in Wales last year wearing a recycled wool coat.

How popular is the use of wool?

Wool remains a popular product thanks to the increase in knitting and crafting. Crochet Kits are available online for craft enthusiasts to purchase and they are innovative and of interest to all ages. Specialist websites such as www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/crochet-kits have a wide variety available for browsing.

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How can I recycle wool clothing?

If you want to know where you can recycle your wool clothing, there are a number of options. Firstly, think about repairing or revitalising them, thereby recycling them yourself in your own wardrobe. Secondly, charity shops are always appreciative of good quality clothing, so if you have old sweaters or woollen clothes that you no longer want, why not consider donating them to your local shop? Yet another option is to give them to a homeless shelter. You will also have a local textile recycling bank that you can avail yourself of and these are usually located in supermarket car parks.

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