How to Wash Sports Clothes? Follow These Steps

Doing the laundry is an operation that can hide many pitfalls and traps. There are many types of clothing that require specific washing methods. In this guide, we will focus on a particular type of clothing. We will see, in fact, how to wash sports clothes in a very simple way, without any kind of obstacle whatsoever.

How to wash sports clothes?

If healthy running was practised, the real pitfall of post-training would take the form of excessive sweat, capable of causing unpleasant halos on clothing and nauseating persistent odours.

Step 1

The only remedy to avoid the inconvenience is the immediate cleaning of the clothes in the washing machine, at a temperature of not less than 40 degrees, also making use of the aid of specific detergents and fabric softener. Also for the appropriate footwear, the use of a damp and well-wrung cloth is foreseen, to completely eliminate traces of earth or dusty elements, at the end of each run.

Step 2

Fans of fascinating motorcycles are perfectly aware of the ease with which their specific clothing gets dirty. In the case in question, the advice is to proceed with prompt cleaning after every single trip. For leather garments (somewhat resistant but at the same time delicate material), it is advisable to have a flap of soft and slightly moistened cloth, carefully rubbing the most soiled areas and using a modest quantity of degreasing product, with the aim of facilitating the ‘intervention.

Step 3

Every twelve months or so, it is necessary to contact specialized laundries, which will proceed to a detailed washing, then applying a light layer of a special cream, to soften the leather. Even the addicting game of tennis requires specific procedures for cleaning the clothes worn. The imperative is always to promptly clean the garments at the end of the matches played, especially after hitting clay courts, which could irreversibly stain the textile fibres.

Step 4

The delicate handwashing, in any case, is the most suitable, in order to protect the clothes, safeguarding their validity over time. Timing and foresight are therefore the only winning moves to preserve the precious sports wardrobe. So I wish you a good job.

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