How to make your garden stand out

Whether you are designing features for an open garden, or just want your home garden to feel unique then you should consider these tips. A garden is a constant project that needs regular maintenance; however you must choose projects and plants that can be looked after and fit your lifestyle.

To begin your design journey, why not get your research in? You could go for a drive around your local neighbourhood and see what plants and features stand out to you in other people’s gardens. Equally, you can visit garden centres or national parks to gain inspiration.

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When planting for your garden, you should experiment with colours, textures, and heights. This means that you should look at incorporating both greenery and flowers at different levels so that the texture of your garden has multiple layers to it. Colours should also be experimented with, using various areas of the colour palette, and not just focusing on neutral tones.

There is a whole variety of fragrances that flowers or plants can provide which can make your garden a multidimensional abyss. Introducing different senses is a great way of bringing your garden to life, especially by placing them at the entrance of a garden for initial enjoyment.

When it comes to seating areas, designs can be bland and repeated however this does not have to be the case. Although you must disregard comfort for seating you can find creative and striking structures that will become garden focal points.

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Other focal points you can add include arches, water features or sculptures. It is key to incorporate this into your garden’s environment which can be achieved by using natural materials such as wood or reused metals. Companies such as https://www.gillparker design bespoke pieces which can be a unique feature of your garden such as an Animal Sculpture. Animal designs are an interesting way of introducing aspects of nature that blend into the environment but also stand out once noticed!

Gardens are not just enjoyed during the day times, and British summers are the ideal time to make the most of a beautiful garden. One way you could make an area stand out is by installing LED lighting to create a sense of ambience. You could also use lights as a striking way of illuminating a path, giving your garden a ‘wow’ factor when other features are lost in the darkness.

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