Summer beauty tips: This summer you are going to need these

Hi girls, how are you? I imagine you die of heat, like me. This summer, literally, is burning and for us, that extra heat can sometimes play against us with some things. Here we bring 5 amazing summer beauty tips for girls. Let’s jump.

Has it ever happened to them that they go to hairdressing, brush their hair and the hours are already sweating in the back of the neck? Or do they make up for a lunch and within half an hour start to sweat in the part of the bozo or the sides of the nose, causing the makeup to run? Not only this, does not it happen that it is impossible to sleep and that the pajamas seem to be hotter than boiling teapot? Keep reading: Dare and twist your basic polo and jean skirt!

This summer you are going to need these tips

5 summer beauty tips

Well, if you have any of these problems or just want to stay cool and beautiful under a 30 ° sun (but they are 40 ° C), this post is for you.

Makeup: less is more

In summer, the less makeup you wear better. I know that with all the tutorials on Youtube on how to use BBCream, how to play the Primer, how to use an illuminator, sometimes we think that using 10 creams before the makeup will look better. That is not true. And summer, forget it. It only uses a moisturizer and a blocker before the makeup and it is finished.

Use a cream base and not so liquid, because it will fall quickly with sweat. Use little and put some powders to seal and now, nothing more. Use a moisturizer and blocker every day before makeup.

Sweat on the face: Absorb the fat from your complexion with rice wipes

Heat is an enemy for which we have oily skin because it makes the shine come out faster than in winter. To avoid this, use anti-glitter rice paper or linens. Both absorb the grease from the skin and leave it matte again.

They also perfectly absorb the oiliness of the skin without removing the makeup. It prevents one from putting layers and layers of translucent dust to remove the shine. With this, the skin will go gray and the makeup will crack. They are ideal for carrying them as they fit perfectly in the wallet or small pocket of the wallet. Do not remove the makeup and you can carry it everywhere.

This summer you are going to need these tips

Sun-proof hair

My first tip is to keep you sweat free with loose braids, not to mark the hairstyle. My second tip is to try dry shampoo. Simply put it on the root, massaging the hair and it is, as new, free of sweat and odors without washing it every day. Dry shampoo you can buy at your favorite hairdresser or you can also prepare at home following these simple tips.

Finally, equip your drawers with handkerchiefs and bandages, not only prevent your hair from touching your face and getting dirty with sweat. You can also get very nice looks and summer.

With dry shampoo, your hairstyle (ironing, brushing) will last longer and you will have clean hair, more so in summer that we sweat more.

This summer you are going to need these tips

Refresh with thermal water

Have you seen that in recent months have appeared this little bottle of cold water to refresh any part of the body? I thought they were not that necessary, but boy, they are. I started using one of the Roche Posey that I got for buying some creams and it really refreshes you instantly and leaves you cold for several minutes.

In addition, these bottles have moisturizing properties. So, if you want to moisturize your face at any time of day, lie down a little. The best thing is that I have seen that they are at very reasonable prices. Moisturizes, cleans, fixes make-up and protects you from the environment.

This summer you are going to need these tips

Make use of your refrigerator

Sounds weird, but yes. This summer, fill your box of COSMETICS! Cold creams on the skin will not only help you fight the heat but will prevent the onset of inflammation. The nail polish will be applied better and will dry sooner, the after sun will relieve you more and the perfumes … will refresh you! And they will not lose their smell.

They apply better to the skin and will refresh you.  To avoid mixing with food odors, try to have a space for your cosmetics away from vegetables or meats.

This summer you are going to need these tips

Cute feet all summer

In these hot months, the skin of the feet is more dry than usual and getting a pedicure every 3 days is impossible. Apply this for time and money. To do this, just as you use moisturizers on the face, in summer put special attention to the feet. In supermarkets, there are anti-dryness creams for feet that leave you soft and refreshing. Hopefully, you enjoyed summer beauty tips. You may also like: 6 tips to prevent premature aging of the skin ( You must need )

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