The Romans in Britain – Parts of the Roman Empire you can Still Find Here

The Roman Empire was one of the largest and most successful Empires that the world has ever seen. For hundreds of years the Romans reigned supreme, with an empire covering most of Europe, as well as parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Britain was also a part of the huge Roman Empire, and much of the evidence of the Roman occupation of Britain can still be seen all over the country today…

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The Romans first arrived in Britain around 54 AD. Arriving on the coast of Kent, they fought the native people and quickly took over much of the country. Although the Romans left Britain around the year 409 AD to defend the Roman Empire elsewhere in Europe, there is plenty of evidence all over the country of the time that they spent here – these are just a few things that you might notice…

Roman Cities – Roman cities were built around the country and always consist of four main gates, North, South, East and West. These were put in to protect the city, and many cities, such as Gloucester (in Roman times known as Glevum) still have these four streets, as well as the remains of the gates which once stood defending the city.

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Roman Coins – Romans brought their own currency to Britain, and it is still possible to find Roman coins buried in the Earth. These coins depicted the Roman emperors of the time, and were made from various metals, including bronze and silver, depending on their value. If you think you may have come across a Roman coin, take it to a professional like these coin valuers UK based to find out more about it.


Roman Roads – Romans were known to be ahead of their times in many ways and also valued efficiency. Their road designs were a great example of this, and the previous tracks that covered Britain were replaced with the long straight Roman roads, many of which are still used to this day. Some examples of Roman roads that are still in use include the Fosse way, Ermine Street, Akeman Street and Watling Street. These roads allowed both troops and goods to be moved around with ease and were a key part in what made the Roman Empire so successful.

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