Wear Dress According To Your Body Type

Dressing well is a global concept, it is the sum of a series of fortunate decisions. If you chose the garments well based on the silhouettes that fit better, the colors and the circumstance in which you will wear that outfit, you will surely be well dressed.

In the book the power of clothing, which I wrote together with Lucy Lara, editorial director of Glamor America, we go deeper into this topic. Now, if you have not had the opportunity to read it, I tell you here what are the clothes that best fit your body type.


Dressing Tips
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How is it? Your shoulders are aligned proportionally to your hips and you have the little waist.


  • Choose clothes that basically emphasize the waist.
  • Use dresses that fit the waist, but that are detached from the body. For example, the Dior style of this season will benefit you a lot.
  • We prefer the pants with tweezers, never to the hip.
  • Do not use crossed sacks.
  • If you want to use prints or holans, choose to do it only in a garment, the upper or lower but never in both.

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Key: Peplum tops or skirts, bell dresses, waist pants and short jackets.


Dressing tips
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How is it? With curves, no waist and probably with volume in the abdominal area.


  • Look for clothes of your exact size, never more girl or bigger. Try to fit your figure gently.
  • The necklines in V will suit you much more.
  • Opta by dark colors and avoid the very large prints.
  • Make sure your skirts and pants are smooth, simple and unadorned.

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Key: Pants with a light bell, draped blouses, closed toe shoes and discreet accessories.


Dressing tips
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How is it? Narrow shoulders and broad hips.


  • Balance your silhouette using smooth waist-down garments and more lustrous at the top. For example, if you like prints, wear them on blouses or t-shirts, never on skirts or pants.
  • The buttonhole neck and the deep necklines help a lot.
  • Sleeveless blouses or sleeves with volume (as they are now used) are very suitable for you.

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Key: Tops with horizontal stripes, jackets with shoulder pads, jeans with boot cut.


Dressing tips
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How is it? It is the opposite of the triangle: it has many shoulders and a little hip.


  • The skirts with adornments will help you give the impression of balance.
  • The elephant leg trousers or loose pants look great on you.”
  • Do not wear clothing with shoulder pads.
  • Get into it.

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Key garments: Belts, dresses, and skirts in line A or table, trench coats.


Dressing tips
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How is it? The shoulders and chest are harmonious with the hip. The waist is marked.


  • It’s the ideal figure, as long as you do not have too much bust and hips. If this is the case, do not wear garments too tight, or at least not in both halves of the body.
  • Select if you want to highlight the top or bottom. This is more a rule of balance and good taste.
  • Do not wear prints on your outfit.
  • Do not teach too much skin.

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Key: Long, flowing dresses, skinny pants, pencil skirts and baggy sweaters.

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