How to combine a black dress, tips to avoid making mistakes

We women often wonder how to combine a black dress, what are the perfect accessories to match a long or short black dress and above all what are the most suitable shoes for elegant black dresses and for casual ones: our style tips and photos of the looks to copy

How to combine a black dress? This is a question that sooner or later all fashion lovers ask themselves, what are the right outerwear, shoes, and accessories to best enhance a long or short black dress? How to avoid fashion mistakes and get modern and trendy outfits in a few steps? Here are some tips to avoid mistakes when wearing a black dress.


We often wonder how to combine a long black dress, especially for a very elegant ceremony or event. Black occasion dresses are perfect if worn with long coats in the same color, and if you want you can create a bit of contrast by focusing on laminated accessories such as gold and silver, the most suitable for the most sophisticated ceremony outfits.

To the less formal day-long black dresses you can also combine items in bright contrasting colors, for example, bag, and red shoes, while the midi models with a full skirt just below the knee love dresscoats, coats with pleated bottom in the same shape bon ton.


How to combine a short black dress? In this case, the possibilities are many, but a lot depends on the style of your look and the season.

The most refined black sheath dresses, perfect for work or to create sophisticated cocktail looks, go well with short jackets such as blazers, but also with the more gritty leather models with a piston collar.

To the more flared short black dresses, you can also combine minimal chic dusters in bright colors, as shown by the images in our Photogallery, but remember in any case to avoid overly long coats and outerwear that would end up weighing down the figure.


But what are the shoes to combine with a black dress? As already mentioned, silver and gold decollate and sandals are the most suitable choice in coordination with long ceremony dresses, but you can also choose these colors for ballet flats or mannish-style lace-ups to coordinate with a more jaunty short black day dress.

Black dresses also look great with red and burgundy shoes, and in summer with white shoes or in soft pastel shades such as blush, turquoise, and mint green. When in doubt, always focus on black shoes and you will know for sure not to make mistakes.

Browse the images of the most beautiful combinations for a black dress in our Photogallery.

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