6 Reasons To Wear Linen Shirts

No one should be surprised to learn that the ancient Egyptians saw flax as something sacred and a symbol of purity and health. Moreover, the flax plant was grown more than 5,000 years ago in certain regions of India.

Did you know that wearing linen shirt is beneficial to your health?

The truth is that linen shirts are a classic in men’s summer clothing and is a garment that never goes out of style. And if they are custom linen shirts, the better. When the thermometer begins to give us a respite from the cold and the mercury begins to rise, it is time to take our linen shirts out of the closets, a very recurrent option that brings distinction, comfort, and freshness and also has very positive effects on who saw it.

linen shirts
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  • Flax is a 100% natural plant fiber

Linen is a fabric made from vegetable fibers, specifically from the linen plant. It is a natural, biodegradable and recyclable fiber that stands out for its resistance, twice as much as cotton fabrics, and for its lightness.

  • The linen stands out for being breathable, absorbent and fresh

As with cotton, linens are made with characteristic fabrics because they are breathable and absorb moisture. In fact, perspiration increases by 150% compared to cotton fabrics and the skin temperature drops by 3-4 ° C if compared to cotton or silk shirts. Thanks to its properties as a heat conductor, it allows being cooler in summer and warm in winter. In fact, its conductivity is 5 times greater than wool and 18 times greater than silk. This makes linen shirts appropriate not only for spring and summer but also for winter.

As for its absorption capacity, it absorbs body sweat and eliminates it. Thanks to its molecular structure, flax can absorb up to 20% of its weight before giving a sensation of moisture, and it evaporates more speed.

  • Linen is very strong and its wrinkle is beautiful

Linen is 2 to 3 times more resistant than cotton. In fact, the oldest preserved garment in history is a linen shirt!

linen shirts
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You must not forget that the wrinkle of linen … is elegant! Do not be scared if shortly after leaving home, with your shirt perfectly ironed, you begin to notice that it wrinkles. It is one of the characteristics of this garment and is an aspect that is intrinsic to the very nature of the fabric. If the shirt is made with a percentage of cotton blend it will wrinkle less but the appearance will not be the same as with a 100% linen shirt.

  • Other positive effects: improves circulation and is hypoallergenic

Linen is hypoallergenic and also stimulates blood circulation. Thanks to it the person wearing a linen shirt feels more relaxed.

  • Wide range of colors, comfort and easily combinable

Linen gives a lot of play. The range of colors that we have at our disposal will make the possibilities are very varied and always contributing that touch of color to our clothing in some seasons of the year that allow it. After the cold months and the muted colors, with good weather, we give way to vivid colors and we can risk more when combining and customize more shirts.

Yes, but how can I combine linen shirts. With linen shirts, we get a sportier look and we can combine them perfectly with jeans or some Chinese. With this fabric is not recommended the use of ties but we can use them with American. In addition, you can also wear linen shirts on the outside, without putting them inside the pants. Comfort to power!

It is a garment that tends to be looser than the clothes. Leave the slim fit for the cotton and go to the comfort of linen shirts that in summer we always put weight.

  • The versatility of linen shirts, take advantage of it and customize it!

Tailored linen shirts have multiple configurations and design alternatives, always providing something different to this type of garments. You can use cuffs and necks of shirts that in cotton garments are not usually used.

The versatility of linen shirts is reflected in the number of combinations we can make in terms of colors. “For tastes, colors.” That philosophy can be applied to linen shirts and their personalization. Contrast fabric, button yarn color, and buttonhole are the most common choices when designing our summer shirt.

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