Five ideas for wearing the slip dress on five different occasions

Some call it a slip dress, others call it the dress with thin straps and still others call it the ” spaghetti dress “. Names aside, by now we understand each other: it is one of the most fashionable garments to show off and that, soon, we will be able to pull out of the closets again!

Here are five ideas to propose your look in five different situations: how about trying?

Slip dress: five ideas for five different situations

That it is one of the iconic dresses of summer and warm seasons is undoubted. The slip dress also called dress petticoat or spaghetti dress is one of the leaders in the most beautiful ever that are returned with a fury, from the years ’90. Its shape makes it perfect for almost all body types: it caresses the shapes and it is simply the most versatile dress that exists!

We have five ideas to show off the slip dress in both summer and winter that will make you completely change your mind compared to this garment.

Obviously let’s not forget that, in addition to the outfit, the slip dres’s changes “ drastically ” also depending on the shoes you wear or the accessories you decide to match.

Do you want to try it with chunky sneakers or with cuissardes (here are five ideas to use even during the day)?

Your look changes depending on the shoes you decide to wear and, therefore, also pay attention to their combinations.

In short, it is a truly chameleonic garment, which offers infinite possibilities we think you should have at least a couple of them in your closet.

Well, hurry up and buy one while we give you five ideas to show off your slip dress in five different situations!

1. Men’s blazer:

one of the first combinations that we recommend is the one with the men’s jacket.

We have already told you that the female suit was one of the must-haves of winter and also how to combine a tweed jacket with your outfits.

Well, keeping all these tips in mind, remember that you can very well use the blazer … with the slip dress!

The masculine cut jacket is perfect for balancing and contrasting the delicacy and femininity of the slip dress: seeing is believing!

2. Short-sleeved shirt:

the most used combination with this dress is the one with the short-sleeved shirt.

To make your look perfect, just remember one small rule.

To graphics, in print or intricate patterns done under slip dress’s colors basic and tint together.

Conversely, if you want to wear a white shirt, you can choose colored, patterned, or simple slip dresses. In short, do not overdo it or the risk is to “overdo it”. 

Martens (Here some advice on how to match them), shoes from gymnastics.

3. Long-sleeved shirt:

do you remember all the tips we gave you to learn how to wear the turtleneck?

Well, it will be very useful to wear a long-sleeved shirt under the slip dress.

Nobody forbids you, in fact, to show off a long-sleeved shirt, with a high collar or not, under your dress with thin straps. The effect is wonderful especially if you decide to play with color blocking!

4. Leather jacket:

stars and models they use it all the time, sometimes even with the trousers of skin (here we have explained to you how to wear them even if they are colored). The leather jacket, however, can really give life to an outfit made with a slip dress!

Everything is played with contrast: therefore, choose a truly rock makeup and play with overlays!

5. Waistbelt :

whether it is long or short, it doesn’t matter. To give a more serious tone to your slip dress you can use a belt at the waist!

The slip dress, in fact, tends to ” slide ” on your body, widening on the hips.

This is why compensating for it with undershirts or jackets on top helps to balance the figure and makes you appreciate it much more!

However, if you don’t want to put anything on top (or bottom), you can always use a belt at the waist to better define your figure and make the slip dress even more “fitting”.

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