Facial brush: how to use it and its advantages

Today we are always in a hurry, from one place to another without time for anything. Not even to take care of the skin, going every so often to a beauty salon and perform a good skin cleaning. The solution? A good facial brush can make up for that lack.

And it is that the facial brush is to the face what the ceramic plate to the hair; a “must” for the victims of beauty today. While it is not essential in day to day, it gives us much more benefits than if we do not get one of them. But how is it used? Are they effective? All this and more we discovered, then.

Facial brush: what is it for?

Facial brush in use

There are already those who affirm that the most important part of makeup is, precisely, the moment to remove makeup. And the facial brush is the perfect ally for this task. Keep reading: 9 crazy trends for summer, would you dare with them?

Its use is recommended daily, no more than 1-2 minutes . With this we will more than fulfill its functionality.

Yes it is important to control the use times in each of the areas of our face. It is recommended 20 seconds in the forehead , 10 seconds in the nose, 10 seconds in the chin and, finally, 10 seconds in each cheek.

How is it used?

To use it, and n first dip face and the brush head .

Next, we apply the facial treatment gel or soap and, if it has more than one speed, we adjust it to the one we prefer or see which one best suits our skin type.

We will place it gently on the face and we will make oscillating movements to massage the face.

4 aspects to keep in mind

Electric Facial brush

Facial brushes, like toothbrushes, are unique and non-transferable. Most of them have interchangeable heads , to be able to give multiple uses among several people. They should never be used with exfoliants, since they are products that have a lot of air and little product, and make it difficult to slide the brush.

If we press more the result will not be better, so it is enough to slide the brush gently through the skin.
Not all brushes are for everyone. It is very important that each person choose the head that best suits their face type.

Advantages of using a facial brush

What can benefit us from using this type of brushes? Here we leave the most important advantages of using a facial brush:

We save time and improve efficiency since the brush itself performs the work with circular movements. It allows us to remove dirt, makeup, and grease from the skin in less than 2 minutes. It is 6 times faster than a manual cleaning, penetrating the gel better in the pores of the skin.

Improves circulation thanks to the massage effect provided by the rotary movement of the head, apart from the cleansing method.

It brings a greater brightness and luminosity to the face, helping to attenuate imperfections.

With a single daily use we comply with a complete cleaning routine: stimulate the circulation of the skin, eliminate dead cells and also exfoliate, tone and moisturize.

Facial brush benefits

It reduces the size of the pores.

Prevents wrinkles and gives us a skin with a much more rejuvenated look, by activating the regeneration of collagen thanks to the massage effect.

Eliminates dead skin cells through exfoliation.

It can be used with any product, be it soaps, oils, gels or milk, with the exception of mousses and exfoliants. You may also like: http://srewang.com/summer-clothes-to-wear-when-its-hot/

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