How to wash clothes in washing machine?

Do you know how to wash clothes in washing machine? For a perfect result, there are some simple rules to follow. Let’s find out what they are!

Hygiene is essential in the home and the same applies to clothe, but there are rules to know if we want to perform a perfect wash. These are small tricks and useful tips to follow, to avoid those small or big mistakes often dictated by haste or lack of experience and which can ruin our favorite items. Here then how to wash your laundry in the washing machine without problems, with valuable tips to be followed carefully. Keep reading: The 4 most common mistakes when washing clothes

How to wash clothes in washing machine?

wash clothes in washing machine

How to wash your laundry in the washing machine: tips and tricks for a perfect wash
Then find out everything you need to know about laundry in the washing machine, from the preparation of the garments, to the washing to finish with the drying.

Preliminary operations

Before inserting the laundry in the washing machine there are a series of operations to do to safeguard our garments:

  • Make sure the pockets are empty.
  • Check that the seams are firm and the buttons are well sewn.
  • It will be necessary to arrange them before washing.
  • Close the zippers and buttons and put the items upside down.
  • If there are any stains they must be pretreated before being put into the washing machine.

Divide the items to be washed

wash clothes in washing machine

Once the preparation of the garments is finished, it is time to divide them: divide them first by color, ie separate the whites from the light colored and the dark ones. The division is also made on the basis of how dirty the clothes to wash: you also make a separation between less dirty items such as towels, sheets and underwear and dirty garments like jeans, sweaters, work clothes

Check the label and choose the right temperature for the different items

Once the garments have been separated, check the washing instructions on the label to avoid damaging your garments: otherwise you could make the mistake of washing everything at high temperatures. Let’s see what are the washings indicated for the different garments:

Cold wash: it is used for wool garments and for all those fabrics that could be damaged.

Washing at 30 °: it is ideal for fast washing and for lightly soiled and delicate or synthetic garments.

Washing at 40 ° : it is used for colored light and for work clothes that are not particularly dirty and resistant.

Washing at 60 ° : it is the washing that is used for the dirtiest clothes but also for sheets or tea towels.

Washing at 90 ° : this is a wash that usually is not performed because, in addition to being not very environmentally friendly, we are talking about a temperature that is too high that would only be suitable for very resistant garments.

Protect and wash the undergarments separately

Intimate garments need different treatment compared to other garments: wash the underwear separately, for a matter of hygiene, and insert the most delicate items, especially those in lace, inside a lining. In this way they will be protected and will not risk to ruin themselves.

Use little detergent and prefer natural

wash clothes in washing machine

Do not overdo the quantities of detergent , it is not enough for a perfect result. Furthermore, it would be better to prefer cheaper or more eco-friendly natural or better detergents. Add a tablespoon of bicarbonate to the wash and, to remove stains from the fabrics, create a paste based on water, lemon juice and bicarbonate and rub with the help of a brush: it is an excellent remedy to pre-stain stains before washing.

As a softener you can simply use apple vinegar that will make the garments soft but without any odor. Those who prefer to smell the freshly washed laundry can create a softener by filling a bottle with water, three tablespoons of citric acid and 4 or 5 drops of your favorite essential oil: you will have an eco-friendly and effective do-it-yourself softener.

Let the garments dry in the right way

wash clothes in washing machine

Once the washing is finished, it is time to put the clothes to dry. Spread them immediately after washing: pull the fabrics to stretch them as crumpled as possible, place them in a ventilated area and not in the sun, especially if they are white items that may turn yellow. In addition, thanks to creative recycling, we can use old tights to avoid the signs of clothes pegs on the most delicate clothes: you just have to pass the sock from one sleeve to the other of the head. You might also like:

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