Adidas Adizero Takumi Ren 3 Footwear

The Adidas Adizero Takumi Ren 3 is a flying shoe for lovers of classic speed, that was achieved with flat shoes, short, close to the ground, with a lot of sticking and aggressiveness, with strong restraints in ankle and buttress.

Review of Adidas Adizero Takumi Ren 3

The grace they have in this third version is that all that they achieve with a touch of Boost in the area of the metatarsus that makes them have a very nice touch in that area where the impulse is concentrated and probably the support, to Less, when we fly low.Adidas Footwear


Much response with a touch of damping on goals.
Excellent fit.
Grab the brutal sounds.
Relatively wide range.


Difficult to see in stores.

To give you an idea of the level they have, I think they could face the Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 3 and, depending on the runner, even be better. In fact, I think they have more stuck and I do not understand why not Use more Adidas- sponsored runners).

To this exclusivity as far as the profile of use by the exigent that can happen to some you can add a touch of mysticism that makes them almost unicorn iOS Zapatalites because they are sneakers that are not seen much, almost nor in specialized stores, what it does That they are almost an object of desire. And, honestly, even if we saw them on every corner, they are precious, so they would still be the object of desire for many.

Letting go of talk, if we get to see the mediasuela of the Adizero Takumi Ren 3 we see a large block of EVA, I would say the same in the whole mediasuela and the Boost block that commented before in the area of the goals. With 21 millimeters in the heel and 13 millimeters in the forefoot (3-4 millimeters more if you consider the template), you get a drop of 8 millimeters and, although they are real measures, in progress, they seem more shallow and flat, sensations that would emphasize above all.

Despite their fineness, they do not bend lightly because we must overcome the Torsion System of the midfoot that throws our foot like a catapult, with a lot of force forward (curious the design of the Torsion System, that does not extend much forward as Yes they do in other models of the German house).

Adidas Adizero Takumi Ren 3 A racing car such as the Adizero Takumi Ren 3 could not fit any tire so, in addition to being driven with Continental rubber in the areas of greatest demand, you have put some beautiful tacos that act as claws so we can nail them Wherever we tread and never lose traction.

It is a sole with outstanding performance on asphalt but thanks to those tails that Adidas called Quickstrike DSP, also pick up very well on the ground, not like a pair of sneakers, but you can get out of the smooth terrain without problems.Adidas Footwear

As for the upper, the Adizero Takumi Ren 3 evoke that classicism that commented at the beginning, with a very breathable grid of Cool Ever and sewn reinforcements that create a firm fit that does not allow the foot to slip even a millimeter, thanks also to the help Of the forceful buttress and the eye that, as they do in some of the flying ones, has one more eyelet than usual (seven eyelets plus the additional one).

Interestingly, the form of the Adizero Takumi Ren 3 is not narrow but allows certain licenses, something that thanks, those who do not usually find flying suitable for their bulky feet or those that require putting some templates.

Ah, although you see them so blunt in the photos, the scale says they weigh 178 grams in 8.5 USA so you are in front of some slippers that loosely break the 200-gram’s barrier in the 9 USA reference so be careful because the air is carried away if you let them loose, better to have them always carried.

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