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Perfect Gifts for men this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, even as we’ve only just boxed up the Christmas decorations. Want to know what you can buy your man this year? Here are some great ideas for putting a smile on your guys face this February 14th:

Protein Shake Mixer

The health trend for consuming more protein is big news right now, and if your fella is into his protein shakes, this is the perfect piece of equipment.

There are mixers available that take away the need for wasting energy on vigorous shaking and come with a touch button that shakes things up for him. No more lumpy drinks and lots of saved energy for his workout.

Beard Trimmer

Beards are big right now so why not help your man keep his perfectly neat and trimmed to perfection? Top of the range trimmers come with 20 settings in different lengths and even a built-in vacuum to catch hairs before they cover the sink!

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Etip Gloves

Etip gloves from North Face offer not only top comfort and warmth but can used on touch screens with compatible index fingers and thumbs. No need to constantly put on and remove gloves whenever he wants to use his phone.

Classic Designer Shirt

Every guy should own a classic designer shirt, or several for all those smart casual occasions where he wants to look his best. For shirts form some of the best designers, see Mens designer shirts from

Amazon Echo Dot

Every one of his daily tasks will suddenly become easier when he connects to Amazon’s Alexa. She can read him his favourite book, play him his favourite music, let him know the weather and provide him with sports news. He’ll wonder how he ever coped without one.

Slim Wallet

Does your chap get frequently annoyed by the bulkiness of his pockets? Then he needs a slim wallet that’s been specially designed to keep pocket bulk to a minimum.


Wearable technology remains highly popular and if your partner has been hinting at wanting one or has recently got into fitness as his New Year resolution, a Fitbit is the ideal choice. This clever device will track his activities, diet, sleep patterns and emails and calls.

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Meat Cookbooks

If your partner loves to unleash his inner caveman and cook a storm with great slabs of meat, then find him one of the top cookbooks dedicated to all things meaty. There are some brilliant books available providing excellent insights into the best ways to prepare and cook poultry, lamb, beef, veal and pork. Include some napkins and a choice of sauces and let him loose in the kitchen.


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