Ideas For A Perfect Christening Makeup

Do you need ideas for a perfect christening makeup? Learn step by step to achieve a look bright, beautiful and supernatural for this kind of celebrations.

Naturalness and simplicity are the keys to being beautiful and suitable in the celebration of a baptism. As a general rule, it is advisable to move away from smoky or intense colors and opt for the softer shades both in the choice of eye shadows and lipstick.

In addition, they are ceremonies that take place at noon so a foundation of juicy makeup and natural finish will be your best ally to show off a luminous skin.

Do not miss out on how you can get an ideal christening makeup

To avoid glare throughout the day, your ideal product, to begin with, will be a matting prebase that smoothes the complexion and allows a uniform application of the foundation.

Apply your prebase over the entire face from the inside (the one that usually shines the most) outwards. Circulate to promote absorption and activate circulation.Makeup Tips


The Accord Parfait makeup base is an ideal choice because of the wide variety of tones that you will find within the range and because you can modulate the coverage depending on your needs:

You can apply more coat depending on the coverage you want to get, so if you notice that you have more redness around the nostrils or chin, apply one more coat in that area and keep a lighter finish on the rest of face.


Make the light of day your best complement with the help of an illuminator that reflects on your skin. Apply a little of this product on the bones of your cheekbones, in the central area of the nasal septum, the lower arch of the eyebrows, and finally in the area of the tear.

For a more natural finish uses a fluid illuminator; If you are looking for a super radiant result, the powder formula is what you need.


The technique that imitates the natural way in which the sun tans your face is sun stripping. Apply a matt finish tanner on a thick line that runs horizontally across your face: from one ear to the other through the middle of the nose.

The trick to an ideal result is to diffuse the tanning strip very well until you achieve a tan that looks 100% natural.


For eye makeup rely on clear colors and define your eyebrows with a natural finish product. Color Riche Monochrome in tone Matte 106 is a nude tan eyeshadow that enhances the shape of your eyes with a simple sweep of product on your fixed eyelid.

Do not forget to apply a layer of mascara to complete the look.Makeup Tips


On the lips apply a moisturizing lip balm with a light color to keep them juicy throughout the day. You can choose a nude, translucent light pink or a transparent raspberry. The glossy finish will make them appear bulkier.

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