If in itself, whenever we go out, we worry tremendously that our makeup does not fall off in bits during the course of the night and we constantly touch it up (by the way, we use it as an excuse to gossip with our friends while we do it in the dressing table ). So what will become of us and our blessed makeup on graduation day ? after submitting it to hours of dancing and the occasional drink to celebrate.

It is imperative to arrive more than divine at the entire celebration and come out spectacular in the thousands and thousands of selfies that you will take.

So, do you know how you will do your makeup? How do apply the products in each area? So if you don’t want to look like a surreal painting in the middle of the celebration, give it a try and follow our tips to the letter. The time has come, look radiant!

Basic tips for your makeup


Do it both on your face and on your lips. This will prevent oil from accumulating on your face and will make your skin feel fresher.


The most important thing is that you use a makeup base that is light and has high coverage, such as the Super Stay base, so you will cover all your imperfections and your face will not feel heavy, avoiding unwanted shine. Once you’ve blended foundation onto your face, here’s the golden tip! spray your face with Superstay Setting Spray Why? This makeup fixer will work its magic all night long (use just a little as you will be reapplying it later at the end of your makeup) Remember to shake well before applying.


Remember that your graduation makeup, precisely your shadows, does not necessarily have to match your outfit. Have fun contrasting tones! try for example a sexy smokey, define it with a protagonist outlined in the best cat-eye style.

Lashes and brows:

Apply Falsies Push Up Angel mascara for incredible lashes and use the correct shade of brow pencil to gently fill in, we suggest the Define &Fill Duo pencil.


Apply Master Bronze blush in bronze tones or if you prefer in pink tones, apply Master Blush. Add touches of Master Strobing Stick illuminator on your cheekbones, but don’t overdo it, remember the golden rule of every makeup artist: less is more! It is preferable that you do a touch-up at some point in the night to refresh your face.


Matte liquid lipsticks are ideal for any combination of makeup you use. With the transfer-free Super Stay Matte Ink lipsticks, you have a guaranteed 16 hours of dancing and perfect lipstick!


Once you have all the steps complete, spray your entire face again with the spray to set all of your makeup.

Now you’re ready for all the selfies you want to take! You will look gorgeous with your intact and sophisticated makeup. Now you just have to have fun every minute with all your friends and enjoy every second of this glamorous event.

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