Blue party dresses: shine in the next marriage!

Blue is still one of the most chosen colors when it comes to party dresses. It represents joy and liveliness, in addition, it is an elegant and sober tone, which can be found in different shades, for example, navy blue or petroleum blue party dresses. If you are interested in wearing a design within this range for the wedding to which you were invited, first check this gallery that can help you find the ideal one.

Why choose blue color for the dress?

One of the main reasons why blue is chosen in party dresses has to do with its versatility because it can be worn both in a wedding during the day and in an elegant ballroom wedding at night, depending on the nuances it has. It is a color that allows you to play with brightness, cuts or textures, and also favors warm and cold skin.

The ideal dress?

If you really like this color and you usually use it, the first thing you should remember is what type of blue you feel most comfortable with. For example, are you sure that royal blue party dresses highlight the tone of your skin? Well, then review the models within that range, and make a selection that by cut and design fit the marriage dress code.

On the other hand, if you are not used to wearing clothes in this tone, go ahead and explore the options it offers you. Perhaps a dark shade is not your thing, but try light blues and more if it is a wedding in the morning or during the day.

A wide color palette

The great advantage with this color is that you will find everything from night blue party dresses to lighter dresses, shaping simple designs, ideal for daytime or country weddings.

For its part, the darkest is present in models with long skirts and good fall, or cut in A, great for ceremonies in closed places, at night, or that have a more demanding protocol.

Designs and textures for every occasion

When it comes to a civil marriage or a simple wedding, which does not require wearing elegant party dresses, then you can opt for sober and fresh designs, but at the same time have the formality of the occasion. For this, the short blue party dresses are the great ally.

Daytime wedding or destination wedding? You will love one of these! If you are preparing to attend a destination wedding or a link during the day, then you can see blue dresses with some details in their design such as printed skirts, back necklines, irregular cut skirts, dropped shoulder necklines, drapes, ruffles around the neck and shoulders.

Evening weddings: transparencies, brightness, and elegance. Whenever you are going to attend a night wedding and you want to leave black aside, but choose a color with the same grandeur and elegance, then you can consider petrol blue, for example. The transparencies, the necklines, and the embroideries in rhinestones will look impressive.

Dare to look different: jumpsuits

If it is about innovating and your style is the focus of attention, check the one-piece or jumpsuit designs. These will make you look fresh, stylish, and at the same time, very elegant.

Some are made of crepe or satin, providing lightness and good drape, they can have striking appliqués on the neck or necklines with shiny lace that cover the waist and hips, and then become wide-leg pants or give width with the palazzo cut. They will bring you comfort, allowing you to enjoy yourself without complications during the celebration.

Perfect combinations with blue

When you choose the color blue, it is also worth wearing it with combinations full of light and joy. Its use is recommended for daytime or even nighttime weddings if they take place in a region of the country where warm weather prevails.

If it is a themed wedding or a celebration by the sea, they are also a wonderful choice, but in lighter shades. You will be able to see that one part of the design is covered by the main color, and another by a more pastel, bright, or even electric tone.

The complements

After choosing the dress, try to find those accessories that give your look the grandeur you want. For example, if it is a wedding day, then you can wear hats and handbags in the same color, with details such as rhinestones, chains, or prints.

Consider the idea of ​​using accessories in contrasting tones that transmit vitality, for example white, yellow, or fuchsia. If, on the other hand, it is a celebration for the evening, then you have free rein to opt for those with subtle shine or metallic colors.

If you start the search for party dresses for blue weddings on time, you will surely find the ideal model for the celebration of your family or friends, keep in mind the time it will take place, how elegant the event is, and be guided by those designs with whom you feel comfortable.

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