How to Dress for a Job Interview: 10 Tips

The time has come, they have finally called you to go to a job interview and you are determined to get the job. We have already spoken in our guide on how to prepare a job interview on non-verbal language in a job interview or how to answer the most difficult questions.

10 tips on how to dress for a job interview

Dress for a Job Interview
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  1. Research the company culture and dress code: if you are lucky enough to meet someone who works there, ask them directly how they usually dress in the company.
  1. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable with, it is not about going disguised as something that you are not, but about transmitting professionalism.
  1. The colors of the garments must be neutral, never very striking. For men, the most appropriate colors for the shirt are white or blue, and if you wear the suit, black or gray.
  1. One tip on how to dress for a job interview for men is to wear shirts instead of shirts. For women, the variety is higher, although mini falda should be avoided, very tight clothing and it is recommended to use the long sleeve or French instead of suspenders.
  1. As for shoes, before entering the job interview make sure they are completely clean. It is preferable to wear closed shoes than sandals. Also, if you are wearing a skirt or dress, although it is summer you must wear socks.
  1. Avoid carrying too many jewels, earrings and two rings at most. If you are a man and wear a piercing it is preferable to remove it during the job interview. It is also advisable to cover tattoos.
  1. Women should not overdo the makeup and it is better not to use perfume. It is also preferable not to wear painted nails with very eye-catching colors.
  1. Men should be shaved and well groomed. Among the accessories that are advised are the watch and the belt.
  1. Always make sure before you go to the job interview that your clothes are perfectly ironed.
  1. Finally, among the tips on how to dress for a job interview cannot miss a portfolio or a bag not too large, which should be the curriculum (not doubling), remember that you should always carry one that fits your profile and experience, here you have curriculum templates that you can download for free to make a customized CV. For both women and men are a good complement because they have something to hold with their hands while they wait and so will not put them in their pockets.

When asking yourself how to dress for a job interview, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the clothes go with your personality and according to the company, but always formal and taking care of the details.

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