Fuchsia: how to wear the color of the moment?

Of course, you have to wear it without looking like a Barbie of yesteryear. There are no impossible colors without knowing how to use them.

This pink, practically fluorine, which contradicts the green greenery proposed by the iconic Pantone (2017) comes ready to fill the streets and our closets with garments as vibrant as they are intense. Fuchsia has been seen on the catwalks, it has filled red carpets and now we see it in the street style

And you wonder, how do I wear it without ending up looking like an old Barbie? Well, take pencil and paper because I’ll give you a few ideas to look like fuchsia like nobody this spring. ATTENTIONS!

Fuchsia with Denim

Fuchsia: how to wear the color of the moment?
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The combination less risky, but not boring. Denim always serves to “lower” the intensity of color to a look, to make more relaxed an outfit and does not count as one more color. Use the fuchsia with a jean, vest, denim skirt and you’ll be full-fledged.

Fuchsia with black

Fuchsia: how to wear the color of the moment?
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A combination of a lot of contrast, black will serve us. For example, you can add shoes and a bag in black, to create an elegant combination.

Total fuchsia

The dresses in fuchsia, are perfect for you to attend a cocktail. The skirt will denote your romantic accent, but with a lot of attitudes.

Fuchsia and red

Fuchsia: how to wear the color of the moment?
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Dynamite duo. About ten years ago this combination was unthinkable, but today it is one of the most daring and fashionable. For this combination to be a success, try to make red be alive and not dark shades like red wine.

I made this combination with a jean of a clear denim tone from Zara that I have fifteen hundred years ago (literally) and these Aldo stilettos (good brand to buy shoes in trend, but not to buy your basic shoes because they do not last long weather). I bought the glasses in Do It. It is also one of those brands to buy fashion things, but not the basic ones that we will use forever and ever. The white bag is vintage and the sky-blue jacket in Zara a year ago.

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