The fascinating, beautiful medieval market town of Tewkesbury.

Situated in the north of Gloucestershire is the fascinating, beautiful, medieval, market town of Tewkesbury. Wonderfully placed between the two magnificent rivers of the Severn and the Avon it was always going to thrive and people were always going to want to live there.  There are so many things to see and do when you are fortunate enough to live and work in the Tewkesbury area or the town itself.  The history of the town is truly fascinating, and you only have to look at the Wars of the Roses and find out that the Battle of Tewkesbury was one of the most decisive battles in that war to understand the significance of the town’s history.

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If you were unlucky enough to be living in Tewkesbury through that difficult time in the towns history, you may well have had occasion to shut yourself away at home in your bedroom and hide behind your Blinds Tewkesbury made by a company such as to keep out of sight and earshot of the soldiers swarming around.  Back in the modern day, a medieval celebration and festival is held every year in the town, which includes re-enactments of the original battle as well as accurate historical memorabilia such as banners and weapons. The thriving town centre is now home to a fabulous market every Wednesday and Saturday and a farmers market trade there once a month. Every July they hold a Water Festival with several events taking place on the riverbanks and in the water itself. In the evening a special procession takes place where several small boats lit up with lanterns cruise slowly along the riverbanks.

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This beautiful medieval town features several Tudor buildings and medieval monuments but its stunning Norman abbey church is notably the most famous construction there. Alongside the Abbey you will find a wonderfully restored, fascinating row of cottages that were built between 1410 – 1412 and are now under the protection and preservation of the Abbey Lawn Trust.  Being an old town has its advantages for the local people lucky enough to live and work there.  The Black Bear pub dates back to 1308 and even though it was closed for a few years it has now undergone a huge restoration procedure and residents can once again enjoy a pint of beer or two alongside a hearty meal.

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