5 incredible ways to highlight your curves

Hi girls, how are you? Today I bring you a post about highlight your curves that I wanted to do a lot of time. How to have or accent our curves ??? Yes. Because women all the time are thinking of taking off the rolls of the belly, when we emphasize our curves we can achieve a sexier figure.

Although we are Latina, I think we are the women of the region that we have fewer curves. I say this comparing ourselves with the Colombians, Venezuelans, and women of Caribbean countries, so watch all of them.

How to highlight your curves

It is possible to have a more curvilinear body (without surgery) or at least to appear it. It’s all about knowing what to use and what to avoid.


Have you heard of the body-con material? Sofia Vergara or Jennifer Lopez are fans of this material because it is made of a super stretch fabric so it frames the waist to the maximum and thus creates a curvilinear figure.

If you want to give an extra help to your silhouette, use a belt inside and opt for dresses with lines that define.

5 ways to highlight your curves
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Although stripes are not recommended for very curvy women, if you are small and looking to give a volume effect, they will become your best allies.

In this photo, I am wearing a very thin horizontal striped dress.

5 ways to highlight your curves
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Blazer, dresses, trench coats, any garment that creates an hourglass figure is well received.

For the office, it boasts a silhouette with curves with straight pants, a tight or double button blazer and a belt at the waist.

For party nights, a bustier dress or body with will make you the sexiest.

In the photo, I am wearing a white one that if I did not put the leash and blazer, I probably would not have had the option to mark the corners.

5 ways to highlight your curves
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Play with the textures and reliefs in your garments to create the optical illusion of having more curves than you already have.

For example, if you want to accent the top, use thick fabrics or applications.

In my case, I have the rib cage a little wide, so I always emphasize my hips and try to keep the upper part of my body smooth and clean.

In the photo I used shorts with many adornments and applications that undoubtedly highlights my hips and for the top, I used a basic white polo (yes, always with V-neck and a word of honor, I do not wear round necklines or never closed ).

5 ways to highlight your curves
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If you do not have many hips you choose the dresses or skirts with cut A because its volume allows to frame the waist and extend the hips while focusing attention on the lower part of the body.

In the photo, I am wearing a dress cut in A and pleated in the part of the skirt. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading and know how to highlight your curves.

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