Essential clothing for a newborn

Although I have already commented several times that I do not want to be heavy with this of motherhood, I suppose it is motherhood. So, first days are a bit monothematic. Therefore, because several of you have asked me, and because I, before Àdam was born, I would have liked to find a post like this, today I venture to detail those clothes essential for a newborn. Naturally, all of them sustainable.

Clothing for a newborn

clothing for a newborn

1. Bodys, a basic that never remains

When I prepared the newborn basket for Àdam, I let myself be guided by the recommendations of grandmothers, great-grandmothers and store clerks, and I ended up incorporating in this one shirts called batistas that are made of yarn and with which I dressed newborns. , as well as with cotton t-shirt and frog sets (which would be a kind of “bragita or underwear” to cover the diapers). Two weeks after the birth of Adam, I still have not put any of these clothes and, although I weigh in the soul, I think it will not release. Keep reading: T-shirt with cause, design and sense

And that is what you need a newborn and what they ask you in the hospital today are the bodys,garments that prevent the child from uncovering his tummy or kidneys, which allow changing diapers easily, and that can be used as an inner or outer shirt, depending on the ambient temperature. In this sense, my bodys recommendations are:

Basic organic cotton bodys with GOTS certificate from Hessnatur, a German brand of ecological children’s clothing founded in 1976 and for which the Catalan fashion designer Miguel Adrover has worked for many years . Available in Zalando’s online store , which I do not know if you knew but has a whole section of sustainable children’s fashion very interesting and very complete.

body-new-born-fashion-sustainable-senseorganicStriped organic cotton body with GOTS certificate from Senseorganics, a German company that has been producing ecological children’s clothing for 18 years. Also available in the Amazon online store.

If you notice, both bodys have a neck with a crossed beak, ideal for new parents that makes us panic to pass the head of the baby for a smaller opening.

body-new-born-fashion-sustainable-macarons-biobuuColorful organic cotton body with GOTS certificate from Macarons, the third German firm that appears on our favorites list. This time available in the Biobuu online store .

2. Pajamas with feet

clothing for a newborn

Another basic that can not be missing from the first day, are the pajamas . My recommendation is the mono type, with feet included, unless the baby is born in August in a warm place, of course. I have selected two:

pajama-new-born-senseorganics-fashion-sustainablePajama-monkey of organic cotton stars from Senseorganics, available in Zalando’s online store. What I like most is that it opens in front with automatic closures. Very practical when switching to small, especially at four in the morning half asleep … hehe.

Also this pajama from Limobebe , made of organic cotton and polyester, has automatic front closures.

I like the pajamas that are velvet on the outside because they turn the child into a kind of bear. But beware, do not think that because they give this feeling of warmth are the hottest, huh? If you want a pajama of this style for winter, better choose the plush version of the same signature. Both proposals are available in multiple colors.

3. Essential accessories

Before I had Adam, I was amazed by the large number of moms who gave me the blankets that their children had used … I thought, what’s wrong, they do not have space at home and they want to get rid of it? Now, with Adam in my arms, I realize that you never have enough blankets, muslin and lullaby to cover the little one: one for the sofa, one for your bed, one for the bassinet, one for the stroller, another for … Thanks to all the mommas that you have given me yours.

In my favorites list I include this Limobebe lullaby of organic cotton available in multiple colors.

Blanket of We are Cotton of certified organic cotton Gots that also comes with a hat, another basic one for the first days of the child’s life.

4. For the street

clothing for a newborn

To dress the small “street”, my humble recommendation is to equip it with a body and then, depending on the weather, pants with foot or without foot and, if cool, a piece of coat on top of it. Some proposals that I have loved:

Organic cotton trousers and jacket set by Hessnatur, available at the Zalando online store. Bombachos from the Catalan firm Ab · Orígens, 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, with Gots certification. If you notice, in the photo I used to present “in society” to Adam (cover photo of this post) he wears the blue oil version. The truth is that they are super practical and, as you can see, they are ideal.

clothing for a newborn

Black jersey with gray Nobale polka dots . Although it is not a 100% organic company, as I told you in the post in which I spoke about it in its version of adult clothing, it produces locally and under the criteria of the slowfashion.

Finally, in my selection of clothes to go out to the street I point to my whislist this monocoat of certified organic cotton Gots of Müsli, the signature that the Danish brand Green Cotton created in 2015 with a 100% Nordic design.

And for you, what clothing for a newborn is essential the world? Check also:

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