Male Fashion Advice For Summer 2021

After a year of wearing almost exclusively just sweatpants and old t-shirts, we welcome the summer of 2021 and a chance to leave loungewear behind with open arms.

After all, summer has always been the perfect season for bold fashion choices, experiments, and letting yourself go free.

However, some guys sometimes get intimidated by the flood of new fashion trends and options. We get it. Fashion fatigue is real!

That’s why we’ve put together a little style guide and our best male fashion advice for summer 2021. Let’s dive in

Try florals

Our first tip is to try out floral patterns. It’s not an entirely new trend, but there have never been so many incredible options available!

From shirts to pants to jackets – embrace everything that reminds you of your grandma’s couch a little!

However,  keep it to one statement piece per outfit and choose the other piece in neutral, muting colours to nail your best floral look.

And if you’re a little shy to go all out right away, pick a more subtle pattern and pastel colours.

Get a shacket

What’s a shacket, you ask? Well, it’s a cross between a jacket and a shirt, of course! We love when these things happen in fashion and recommend adding a shacket to your summer 2021 rotation, especially for those cooler nights in town.

For the ultimate summer layering, wear it with your trousers or shorts and with a comfy, high-quality v-neck t-shirt, like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees.

Experiment with Bermuda shorts

Before you say that the Bermudas are good for your dad, but not you, hear us out. They are so hot right now, you’ll get approving nods wherever you go. And they are simply perfect for your vacay by the beach or at the lake.

There’s only one catch – make sure your Bermudas are a couple of inches above the knee and that they’re tailored! That’s it! You’re welcome.

Wear sunglasses

This may seem like stating the obvious, but many guys still squint at the sun instead of wearing cool shades. If you’re one of them, let’s change it this summer!

Fashion labels unveil the latest in the sunglasses sphere as soon as summer hits, so go try a few pairs out! We recommend either choosing the classics like Ray Bans or opting for a statement piece!

Upgrade your swimwear

We hope that at this point, Speedos have been retired forever. Unfortunately, there’s still a risk you’re wearing the same swim old trunks from 2008.

Well, if you’re going to spend more than a couple of days at the beach or pool, you need to get a grip and get proper swimwear! Invest into a good pair or two that you’ll be able to swim, lounge, and play volleyball in!

Swap jeans for lightweight pants 

We all love jeans, but nothing’s better than lightweight trousers from linen, nylon or cotton when it’s hot.

These fabrics are breathable, so you won’t need to worry about your ass *literally* sweating.

Don’t skimp on activewear

Look, nobody judges you for working out in the old college shorts (well, maybe a little), but let’s make the summer of 2021 a fresh start. There are so many great styles for joggers and tops that it’s foolish not to take advantage of that.

Since it’s warm or hot most of the time, opt for wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Give short shorts a chance

You might have seen that really short shorts have been trending for a while, and we’re here to tell you to take a chance!

The ultimate inspiration for this has been Milo Ventimiglia from “This Is Us”, who reminded us how good a short inseam can look! Granted, you might want to double that leg-day time at the gym!

Remember tank tops

This is a controversial topic as tank tops have been on the banned list for so long. But summer 2021 is bringing them back, so take advantage of the trends and enjoy this fashion piece that keeps you cool and comfy like no other!

Make sure the neckline is not too deep, and pair your tank top with your favourite joggers or shorts. Just remember, it’s a strictly casual look, no tank tops at the office even on casual Fridays!

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