4 Important Tips for Getting Dressed Well  

You have noticed that some women simply bring a talent born for fashion and everything they try is perfect is it because they are pretty? Is it because they were just born with that talent? The talent in fashion is brought. But also can be created and for that we must know some basic tips to be able to dress well.

You knew that dressing well and feeling pretty can increase your self-esteem by 50%, which is why it is so necessary to choose and combine your clothes well.

Getting Dressed Well  
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4 Basic tips for dressing well

  • Colors

Knowing what color fits your skin is very important. For example, a woman with skin trigeña fit very well beige, salmon, emerald, brown, yellow, blue and pink as these colors soften. The factions in this skin tone and also create a sweet faction. On the other hand, women with light skin look better in red, gold, gray and blue.

If they look blue you can add skin tone based on pink. The cool colors will fit perfectly, use clear colors and pastel colors these will be the great allies of your skin. Now if your veins look green you have a skin tone based on yellow. Completely avoid pastel colors and lean more to warm colors and try with red, brown, orange and white. Always have a plan B and if none of the above colors convince you do not hesitate to use the usual neutral colors that look good in all.

  • Basic

One of the most important tips for getting dressed is always having the basics in your closet? Basic? Yes, we are talking about the basic garments.

 5 basic garments that we must have in our closet

Getting Dressed Well  
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Dress: The typical Little Black Dress you should always have it in the wardrobe, this dress will always make you look perfect in a party or cocktail, within its simplicity there is that elegance that makes you see fashion without much effort, as well as all know the black color shapes your figure and makes you look thinner.

Jeans: Jeans are a fundamental piece in your dress and can make a garment stand out making it look exclusive, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs from broken jeans to look more informal, to jeans with shadows for a semi-formal situation.

High heels: High heels are indispensable in the shoes that you must have in your closet, besides giving security, stylize the legs and figure.

Slippers: While heels are a basic wardrobe item, sneakers should never be missing, sometimes you should give your heels a rest and use the shoes to go shopping, airport, drive, etc.

Long cardigan: A long cardigan in neutral colors must always have it in our closet to be able to make fashion combinations. This will always serve for occasions where you want to be comfortable and attractive.

  • Creativity

Creativity is always an important part of a woman who dresses in style. Being creative is the basis for dressing well because without creativity even if you have thousands of clothes you will not know how to make a unique and perfect outfit.

  • Clothing on the Internet

If you want to be unique and all women envy your clothes. There is no better place to do the shopping on the Internet as well as getting very comfortable prices. You can fill your closet with original clothes that you would not find in your country.

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