Mosque Clothing: How to Dress to Visit Mosque?

How to dress to visit the mosque is one of the biggest doubts for those visiting Muslim countries, especially women! Many people have questions about what Mosque Clothing to wear. We also talk about covering their hair in Muslim countries and how to behave in a general way.

Most of us are not accustomed to mosques and do not know how to dress to visit the mosque. The main mosques in Brazil are in São Paulo or in the South, but few people visit and know that anyone can visit, just have the appropriate clothing to enter the mosque. Keep reading: How to use banana hair clips?

Some famous mosques and super tourist around the world offer clothing and scarves so that tourists can cover and get dressed appropriately to enter the mosque, but I think it’s best not to count too much on this and already try to dress in the right way.

How to dress to visit the mosque?

Mosque Clothing

Basically, men and women need to cover their shoulders, arms, and legs to get into the mosque, and women also need to cover their hair. So long pants for men and for women can be pants or the long skirt.

At the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, they offer men and women a kind of skirt to cover their legs. Even if you are in your pants, for example, they will probably ask you to put them on, unless the pants are wide and do not draw your legs at all.

Once I was legging and even being dressed over the leggings they asked me to wear it because leggings draw the legs and shapes. They lend this blue skirt for us to cover and a scarf to cover the women’s hair.

When I’m in Istanbul or some other Muslim country, I always put a handkerchief in my purse because it can happen that I’m strolling and facing a mosque and wanting to get in, and that’s enough I need to put the scarf to cover my hair and enter.

How to dress to visit the mosque in summer or in hot countries

Mosque Clothing

Last year I was in Istanbul in the summer, and to make matters worse was still Ramadan and I had a bit of fear in how to dress so that I would be comfortable and not too hot and at the same time be respectfully dressed for the place.

I wore jeans, but I found it a bit heavy and hot, the clothes I thought best to wear in the mosque were those baggy trousers, you know? They are very light and fresh and because they are wide and do not draw the body is ideal to visit mosques.

I used a lot of T-shirt and regatta in Istanbul as well, actually I had lots of gowns and 3/4 sleeve shirt but when I got there in the heat I saw that many local women wore it, T-shirt and regatta without any problems and I decided to follow the flow. When I visited some mosque I would take another handkerchief and cover my lap and shoulders if they were outside.

Need to cover your hair to go to the mosque?

Mosque Clothing

The main rule of how to dress to visit mosque is that women need to cover their hair, this I think most already know, but it does not have to be anything too ingenious, just throw a handkerchief carelessly in the hair and that’s it! The important thing is that you take care that the scarf does not fall while you are inside!

If you notice my photos, you can always see a piece of my hair. In the rules of how to dress to visit mosque says women need to cover their heads but do not need to cover absolutely everything if you do not want, I always leave a piece of hair to show, the important thing is that the handkerchief is well fixed.

Another rule as or more important than covering your hair is taking off your shoes. In many cultures the feet are the most impure part of the body, besides being the lowest part, it is also the part where we carry the external dirt (in the shoes) and because the mosque is a holy place, we must remove the shoes before entering the enclosure.

If you have already visited Asia and have been to some temple there, you will remember that they also take off their shoes. It will depend on the mosque, some have shelves outside for you to put your shoes on, others more touristy even distribute plastic bags for you to carry your shoes with you.

Inside the mosques always have carpets, so even if you are not wearing socks you will not feel cold. While you are in the courtyard you can wear shoes quietly, but at the moment of entering the mosque itself, in the prayer room, you need to take off your shoes if in doubt do as other people do.

Best time to visit the mosque

Mosque Clothing

The theme here is how to dress to visit the mosque, but it is also important to know that the visit is not done at any time of the day. During prayer times mosques are usually closed to non-Muslim visitors, but the good news is that the prayers are not time-consuming and take around 20-30 minutes.

How to know the prayer times of a mosque? This varies according to the place and the season of the year since the prayers do not have fixed times and are based on the “light of day” in the same sun, then it varies. My advice is to look on the internet before, or listen to the prayer call and go visit the mosque type 1h later. You may also like:

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