Check out the Priciest pairs of Jeans in the World

Jeans have a very humble origin, starting out as trousers worn by labourers and workers. It didn’t take long for them to become subject to the whims of fashion and trends, becoming more ornamental even as early as 1935, when people began practising the distressing of their jeans to make them look more fashionable. Jeans have never lost their appeal and remain as popular as ever. It should also come as no surprise that some of these jeans are becoming increasingly expensive. Here are some of the priciest jeans in the world:

APO Jeans

At $4000 a pair, you’d be expecting something a little bit special. Many of APO’s jeans do indeed sell for a whopping $4000 per pair because they are customised to suit the individual customer’s requirements. However, that’s not all you’re paying for as APO Jeans like to include some pretty expensive material when they make their jeans. They use the finest denim, make the pockets from silk and the rivets can be made from gold, platinum or silver! You even choose a diamond for the button. The jeans come with a certificate of authenticity to prove the use of such precious materials. You may have stylish Jeans, but do you have fancy storage solutions like bespoke fitted wardrobes to put them in? Whether you are in Scotland, or in Dorset Fitted Wardrobes are a firm favourite with all UK households.

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Escada Custom Made Jeans

Like the jeans from APO, Escada jeans offer a custom-made service at a cost of around $10,000 for a top-end customisation. If a customer wants a personalised embroidered pattern, they can have whatever they like as long as they are prepared to pay for it. Whilst there are different price ranges to suit a variety of budgets, Escada jeans make this list because they once completed an order for jeans encrusted with Swarovski crystals that cost $10,000.


What started life as a pair of trousers designed for a labourer, Levi Strauss & Co. are seen as the father of the jean’s phenomenon. For that reason, they can command huge price tags because of the history attached to them. For example, jeans from the 19th century are sold for large amounts at auctions. Original Levi Jeans that have stood the test of time can fetch up to $60,000.

Dussault Apparel

The Trashed Denim jeans from this brand can set you back a cool quarter of a million dollars. Each pair of their jeans has been washed no less than 13 times before even more processing to give them that iconic distressed appearance. The treatment doesn’t stop there, however, as each pair is then decorated with one diamond and two rubies and detailing in white and rose gold. It’s not the denim you’re paying for but the precious metal and gems!

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Secret Circus

A pair of these jeans smashes the one million mark at $1.3 million and are available in a range of patterns. Each pair has a pattern sewn into the rear pockets using a number of top-quality diamonds. They look good, yes but whether they are worth the hefty price tag is a matter of opinion.

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