How to comb your hair for a wedding?

Comes the wedding season and we started looking for the dress, shoes, and accessories ideal to be among the most glamorous guests of the link. Also, once you have chosen the wardrobe for that day, you should think about the makeup and hairstyles that most favor you to complete the look and cause the best of prints. Here, we want to help you with some simple tips, so you know how to comb your hair for a wedding.

How to comb your hair for a wedding

do not rush hair

First step

Do not rush when it comes to choosing the style of hair that you will wear at the wedding, first pay attention to the weather. If it is a rainy day, it will be preferable to wear your hair securely in place, since a loose mane can curl up and spoil your look ahead of time. Weddings tend to lengthen quite a bit, and I’m sure that both for the ceremony and the photographs and filming you want to be as beautiful as when you left the hairdressing salon.

wedding hairstyles

Second step

In the same way, the place of the celebration of the link will give you some clues to choose the most appropriate hairstyle. For weddings on the beach or in the open air, the most comfortable thing is to wear a half-folded or gathered that remains intact before the sea breeze, heat, wind and other inclemencies of open spaces.

Also in this type of weddings and civil ceremonies you can wear a more informal style with less elaborate hairstyles such as braids or pigtails on the side that are very flattering, achieving a youthful and romantic look.

wedding hairstyles

Third step

Now we show you other hairstyles that are ideal for day weddings and are very fashionable. If you are searching for a more formal and elegant appearance, your perfect hairstyle can be that between the hair and the loose hair. It’s very simple; you have to collect all the hair to one side and let it fall on one shoulder keeping the opposite side completely clear. Use a pair of tongs to create waves and give more body and volume to your hair.

wedding hair highlight

Fourth step

Among all the pick-up options we highlight for a morning wedding, the low bows that are excellent to show an original style and different from the classic high bows. Get a sweeter look by braiding a few strands on one side and if your dress is not ornamented with sparkle or rhinestones, add some accessory like a nice floral ornament.

wedding hair highlight

Fifth step

Women with short hair will look beautiful with hairstyles that give volume and a casual look to their hair, as well as soft and delicate undulations. Combine this type of hairstyles with hairpins or other ornaments to create a molded and look more groomed.

Final step

The headdresses and hats are complements that you can wear on a wedding day, especially if you have been invited to a very formal and sophisticated ceremony. You should choose the headdress depending on the dress, the shape of your face and your figure. Now, they are crowns of flowers, turbans and many nets with floral motifs.

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